L.A. Times Daily - Nov 25 2019

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Clues Answers
"In Xanadu did __ Khan ... ": Coleridge KUBLA
"Peer Gynt" dramatist IBSEN
"Sorry to say ... " ALAS
*Area where cellphones don't work DEADZONE
*iPad's giant ancestor MAINFRAME
*Letter box access MAILSLOT
*Sneak into the shot PHOTOBOMB
*Soccer ref's formal warning YELLOWCARD
Amtrak express train ACELA
Annapolis frosh PLEBE
Apartment payment RENT
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
Auto loan figs APRS
Bay window ORIEL
Biblical "you" THEE
Big city big shot MAYOR
Bullring bravo OLE
Cerebral __: brain layer CORTEX
Cheesy pancake, perhaps BLINTZ
City where Joan of Arc died ROUEN
Classic theater name ROXY
Clock front FACE
Conclude from evidence INFER
Cosmetics giant LOREAL
Crime scene sample DNA
Disaster relief organization REDCROSS
Egypt's capital CAIRO
Elevator innovator OTIS
Emeril catchword BAM
Eurasian border range URAL
Fiber sources BRANS
Formal words of confession ITWASI
Four-leaf clover, to some OMEN
Girl Scouts' __ Mints THIN
Guy felling trees AXMAN
Hickey spot NECK
Historical period ERA
Hurried, old-style HIED
Ice skating feat AXEL
Clues Answers
In full view OPENLY
Kids' game with a safe area TAG
Lamp support STAND
Land, in France TERRE
Later than expected ... and where the ends of the answers to starred clues may be found BEHINDTIME
Level with a wrecking ball RAZE
Like dried-out mud pies CAKY
Like two, not one EVEN
Like wet mud pies OOZY
Like XLII, numeral-wise ROMAN
Littlest of the litter RUNT
Loaf holder BREADBOX
Many an Omani ARAB
Mimicking bird MYNA
Montblanc topper PENCAP
Name of many pharaohs RAMSES
Neptune's realm OCEAN
No longer here GONE
Norse king OLAV
Opposite of went CAME
Part of KO OUT
Petite SMALL
Pole on the Pequod MAST
Prohibited FORBAD
River of Hades STYX
Rose of rock music AXL
Seed that grows squirrels? ACORN
Shop __ you drop TIL
Simultaneous equation variables XANDY
Singer Mars BRUNO
Slip up ERR
Smoothie berry ACAI
Snack sometimes eaten from the inside out OREO
Start to unravel FRAY
Talk over tea CHAT
Weak- or knock- follower KNEED
Weigh station unit TON
Weighty exam FINAL
Witch trial town SALEM