Family Time - Nov 25 2019

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Clues Answers
"Roots," for one EPIC
Agitate RILE
Ancient Andean INCA
Antony of antiquity MARC
Any clever maneuver GIMMICK
Bad day in March for Julius Caesar IDES
Basket with today's catch CREEL
Between islands ASEA
Blurry mess SMEAR
Brunch fruit MELON
Calls a hoops game REFS
Chat GAB
Chest-beating creature APE
Clairvoyant's claim ESP
Classroom fixture DESK
Collect, as wheat REAP
Court order DECREE
Deity GOD
Doing some Christmas tree decorating TINSELING
Dry riverbed WADI
Envision SEE
Essential oil from some flowers ATTAR
Father DAD
Female student COED
Group of whales GAM
Hammer and anvil site EAR
Hiker's spot TRAIL
Hodgepodge OLIO
It rattles in a whistle PEA
It's just not right LEFT
Its nose is humongous RHINO
King's things REGALIA
Clues Answers
Last number in many countdowns ONE
Length times width AREA
Little fish with a big bite PIRANHA
Look as though SEEM
Modern evidence DNA
Not many FEW
Old Mercury COUGAR
Overplay a scene EMOTE
Pheasant ragout SALMI
Piercing, hole-punching tools AWLS
Ping-Pong table dividers NETS
Play parts ACTS
Playful prank ANTIC
Powerful creature in the woods BEAR
Prefix with "cover" DIS
Producing an intended result EFFECTUAL
Quick look GLANCE
Right to the point TERSE
Take as a wife WED
Teamwork inhibitors EGOS
Teary-eyed SAD
This would make you a lord EARLDOM
Tizzy SNIT
Toward the rear, on a ship AFT
Type of station GAS
Vatican figure POPE
Warp crosser, in weaving WEFT
Wonder-ful feeling? AWE
Working ___ living (2 words) FORA
Written poetic tribute ODE
Yearly records ANNALS
Years of note ERA