The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 24 2019

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Clues Answers
'Forget the deletion' STET
'Good job, son!' ATTABOY
'Long Island Medium' medium Caputo THERESA
'SportsCenter' airer ESPN
'The Wire' antagonist ___ Barksdale AVON
'There ___ Goes Again' (1967 Velvet Underground song) SHE
'What a pleasant surprise!' HOWNICE
'Wonderful Tonight' singer Clapton ERIC
'___ I mistaken?' WAS
2019 World Series runner-up ASTRO
A long way from here FAR
Abrupt removals, as from an organization PURGES
Actress Benaderet BEA
Actress Gilbert who created 'The Talk' SARA
Affirm confidently AVER
Amount of work? SALARY
Anybody home? PLANETEARTH
Assembly of clerics SYNOD
Astonished state AWE
Authentic REAL
Bar regulars' drinks USUALS
Bar under a bar car AXLE
Bars under a bar car RAILS
Battery terminal ANODE
Big item for a clown SHOE
Bit of 40 Down TALE
Blues guitarist Taylor OTIS
Bowl game org NCAA
Brand of hot cocoa NESTLE
Breakaway branches SECTS
Cain's sibling ABEL
Calculus class function SINE
Carbonated beverages POPS
Cartoon hero who shouts, 'By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!' HEMAN
Catastrophic fate DOOM
Ceramic vases, maybe URNS
Cheese partner, briefly MAC
Chop (off) LOP
City in which residents light candles during the Luminara di San Ranieri festival on June 16 PISA
Cold sculpture medium ICE
Common subject of an English paper? NOUN
Conclude by ENDAT
Corn portion EAR
Cosmopolitan revenue source ADSALES
Cushion PAD
Desperate requests PLEAS
Despise HATE
Disavow DENY
Don't go? ARRIVE
Eddie who won gold medals at the Summer and Winter Olympics EAGAN
Engage in some diamond-lending? DEAL
Eponymous road for the Boss's band ESTREET
Explodes BURSTS
Facility built by the Navy SEALAB
Fail to include OMIT
Fluid from a fir SAP
Folk wisdom LORE
Free from RIDOF
Gadget with tunes IPOD
Gave a ring PHONED
Grape used to make red wine SYRAH
Grp. concerned with the Gaza Strip PLO
Gymnastics legend Korbut OLGA
Half of the 'Go Where You Wanna Go' band PAPAS
Halves of a split item? EXES
Hammer home? TOOLCABINET
Herry Monster's TV pal ELMO
Hunting Honshu hound AKITA
Clues Answers
Imaginative performer ARTISTE
Inceptions ONSETS
Indefinite math degree NTH
Judges to be DEEMS
Key by the space bar ALT
Late-night host Meyers SETH
Letter-changing aid ERASER
Letters on vintage Gold Comet trucks REO
Like orations SPOKEN
Main line? LANDHO
Manila man, say ASIAN
Mariah's duet partner at the 1998 'VH1 Divas Live' concert ARETHA
Microbrewery choice ALE
Morales of 'Titans' ESAI
Most insignificant MEREST
Most readers of the newspaper Al-Ahram ARABS
Natural abilities KNACKS
Nintendo product with aerobics minigames WIIFIT
Noisy sleeper SNORER
Not obligated EXEMPT
Not so distant NEARER
Number of gas stations? OCTANE
Org. with partners ABA
Over the moon EXUBERANT
Periodically ATTIMES
Plant reproduction unit SEED
Playwright Shepard SAM
Poet in 'La Bohème' RODOLFO
Prone to impatience ANTSY
Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman MAUS
Ray providing a basking spot for a cat SUNBEAM
Remark from the inept ISTINK
Remark from the victor IWON
Rival of Dell and HP ACER
Robert who issued a report on election interference in 2019 MUELLER
Royal address SIRE
Safety's org., despite the high risk of injuries NFL
Sci-fi thriller with a crime syndicate in the year 2074 that sends its targets to 2044 LOOPER
Second word of MPH PER
See 98 Across SALT
Separate APART
Seventh Greek letter ETA
Shorn creature EWE
Singer who composed songs for the film 'The Frog Prince' ENYA
Some exercise surfaces MATS
Source of low notes TUBA
Spot for a dove or hawk NEST
Spread STREW
Starter home? RESTAURANT
Strong desires YENS
Suppressed, as info SATON
Taken ___ (shocked) ABACK
They may be redacted in classified documents NAMES
Ti, in a B major scale ASHARP
TV host Mandel HOWIE
TV series with 'Black Jeopardy!' sketches SNL
Used a tap, say SPIED
Verdi masterwork AIDA
Voice displeasure over BEMOAN
Website for submitting an RSVP EVITE
What the snake in the ouroboros symbol is depicted as eating ITSELF
Where to insert a coin SLOT
With 99 Across, veteran member of the crew OLD
Young equine FOAL
___ claims court SMALL
___ Day (tree-planting observance) ARBOR
___ out (just manage) EKE
___ up (neatens) SPIFFS
___ whale SPERM