- Nov 24 2019

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Clues Answers
''Annabel Lee'' poet POE
''CSI'' analysis site DNALAB
''Finder's'' charge FEE
''Zip it!'' SHH
''Zip-__-Doo-Dah'' ADEE
'60s stereos HIFIS
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actress Delany DANA
All that can be viewed EYEFUL
Altoids alternative CERTS
Antagonist ENEMY
Arctic assistant ELF
Be an omen of BODE
Bed size TWIN
Belittle, so to speak DIS
Bodysuit UNITARD
Bottomless pit ABYSM
Briny expanses SEAS
Camel cousins LLAMAS
Cardinal point EAST
Catch red-handed NAIL
Chef's pinch SALT
Chinese cuisine staples PEAPODS
Church council SYNOD
Clever one WIT
Construct on a lot ERECT
Creator of Tarzan and Jane EDGAR
Customary USUAL
Cylindrical structure SILO
Czech or Slovakian SLAV
Darken or lighten, say DYE
Decanter kin CARAFE
Deceptive move FEINT
Deflate GOFLAT
Dog from Down Under DINGO
Dog's warning GROWL
Drink served with sushi TEA
Dustin's ''Midnight Cowboy'' role RATSO
Espresso servings CUPS
Footnote abbr OPCIT
From scratch ANEW
Gave it a go TRIED
German tennis great GRAF
Gets the gist of SEES
Getty, Rockefeller, etc OILMEN
Grabbed a bite ATE
Great enthusiasm GUSTO
Heart chambers ATRIA
Home document DEED
In unison ASONE
Introduced, with ''out'' TROTTED
Is blunderful ERRS
Is forced to MUST
Juliet's home VERONA
Knitter's need YARN
Lacking enthusiasm TEPID
Large vases URNS
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Light touch PAT
Like Miss Porter's prep school ALLGIRL
Little bit of progress DENT
LL.D. holder ATT
London lav LOO
Long French river LOIRE
Longing YEN
Looks after TENDS
Low-__ cola CAL
Clues Answers
Martini's vermouth partner ROSSI
Memo brought to a market LIST
Moral code ETHOS
Most widespread RIFEST
Musical set in Buenos Aires EVITA
Non-studio, for short INDIE
Not a lot FEW
Not at all eager LOATH
Not subject to haggling FINAL
Nothing more than ONLY
Oater brawl setting SALOON
Of interest to Audubon AVIAN
Old-time news source CRIER
OTC med regulator FDA
Out of sorts ILL
Palatial Paris hotel RITZ
Part of TLC CARE
PC bailout key ESC
Piece of a nest TWIG
Place for an earring LOBE
Place of refuge HAVEN
Places to hibernate LAIRS
PlayStation maker SONY
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Pool owner's concern ALGAE
Pop the cork from OPEN
Potpie part CRUST
Prefix for virus ANTI
Property crime THEFT
Public persona IMAGE
Pulls with force HAULS
Purplish hue MAGENTA
Rat Pack leader SINATRA
Recites SAYS
Register reading BARCODE
Request politely INVITE
Roof gutter site EAVE
Savory stimulus ODOR
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Scoundrel LOUSE
Serbian-born tennis great SELES
Smart aleck WISEGUY
Smartphone symbol ICON
Soap ingredient POTASH
Societal expectations NORMS
Some trains, trucks and tractors TOYS
Sound judgment REASON
Spaghetti western director LEONE
Springsteen's __ Band ESTREET
Talent show groups PANELS
Tax prep pro CPA
Tells tales LIES
Text-scanning technology: Abbr OCR
Topped with frosting ICED
Traveler's app GPS
University sports org NCAA
Valhalla boss ODIN
Verizon ISP AOL
Wee hr TWOAM
Well protected SAFE
Where a touchdown happens ENDZONE
Wields a needle SEWS
Winter Games vehicle LUGE
Word hollered in ''. . . Streetcar . . .'' STELLA
Work on a wall MURAL
Yoko __ ONO
Young deer FAWN
Zodiac beast RAM
__ and aah OOH
__ Arbor, MI ANN