Wall Street Journal - Nov 23 2019 - Squeeze Play

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Clues Answers
“Aquaman” star Jason MOMOA
“Barefoot Contessa” host Garten INA
“Fooled ya!” PSYCH
“I’m next!” MYTURN
“Movin’ ___” (“The Jeffersons” theme) ONUP
“Really?” ISTHATSO
“Starpeace” musician ONO
“You win” ICODE
1987 Cheech Marin comedy BORNASTLA
2007 Stephen Colbert book subtitled “(And So Can You!)” IAMRICA
Address in an order FRA
Agitate STIRUP
Ahab feature PEGLEG
Andalusian article UNA
Apple apple, e.g LOGO
Austrian article DAS
Auto shop supply GREASE
Badge consideration MERIT
Bart’s grandpa ABE
Beach headgear SUNHATS
Beaus, for short BFS
Big name in shortening CRISCO
Big scene PANORAMA
Bill Withers hit of 1972 USEME
Birthday challenge? LABOR
Blunt in the Senate ROY
Bridge worker of TV SULU
Brief appearance CAMEO
Brought up PARED
Brutus’s land TERRA
Cab Calloway and Ella Fitzgerald, for two SCINGERS
Calls for NEEDS
Cardio workout routine TAEBO
Carrier whose planes have missile defense systems ELAL
Certain trumpeter SWAN
Classic prizes LAURELS
Company with a spokesduck AFLAC
Conqueror of the Aztecs CORTES
Court appointee before Brett NEIL
Craggy mount TOR
Credit or debit, say LEDGERRY
Crimson rival ELI
Cybersecurity org NSA
Defense grp. since 1949 NATO
Delphinium’s cousin ANEMONE
Dental care brand ORALB
Dessert in a tall glass PARFAIT
Detectives’ hints LEADS
Disney frame ANIMATIOL
Dots in the ocean ISLES
Doubt-raising question ORISIT
Evening news hr TENPM
Extra, briefly ADDL
Fast-drying paint ACRYLIC
Fireplace residue ASH
First bilingual heroine of kids’ TV DORA
First name in Solidarity LECH
From Porto-Novo BENSE
George’s songwriting partner IRA
Georgetown’s locale GUYANA
Good buy DEAL
Gore and Hirt, for two ALS
Granger’s classmate POTTER
Han and Leia’s son Kylo REN
Head shots, at times: Abbr MRIS
Hospital devices CCANNERS
How some NBA games are won INOT
Huge amount TON
Impersonated POSEDAS
In favor of FOR
In the distance AFAR
Clues Answers
Increase proportionately SCALEUP
Innocent one LAMB
Innocent, e.g POPE
Jewel-studded headwear TIARA
Joes with no jolt DECAFS
Lancelot du ___ LAC
Lawyer’s income FEES
Like 2019’s “Aladdin” or “Dumbo” RATEDPG
Living room pieces ARMCHS
London pads FLATS
Lost traction SLIPPED
Low-carb diet PALEO
Luau souvenirs LEIS
MacBook, e.g LAPTOP
Maker of Pure Cool fans DYSON
Many a time OFT
Marine bird of prey ERNE
Miss the mark ERR
Nihilistic movement DADA
Not as tough EASIER
Note to self REMINDER
Occasion to drive a hard bargain? CARSALE
Old public square AGORA
Otherwise ELSE
Perfume ingredient ROSEOIL
Piazza del Campo city SIENA
Place for an acknowledgment list, perhaps LASTPAGE
Pond jumper FROG
Popular 1980s arcade game MSPACMAN
Powerful wind GALE
Prepared to ambush LATRAP
Professor’s deg PHD
Pulitzer-winning author James AGEE
Puts on an act PRETENDS
Quinn of “Elementary” AIDAN
Radical 1960s campus org SDS
Rebellious Turner NAT
Regret bitterly RUE
Risky meeting TRYST
Rubbed the wrong way IRRITATED
Salad base GREENS
Sashimi staple TUNA
School fundraisers RAFFLES
Shiny fabric SATEEN
Shortly, in verse ANON
Smashing watermelon sound SPLAT
Some Plains natives OSAGES
Sports Illustrated no ISS
Stable presence HORSE
Stage legend Hagen UTA
Stage whisper ASIDE
Start of a counting rhyme EENIE
Status of John, Paul and George SAINTHOOD
Strike a chord, perhaps STRUM
Surpasses in endurance OUTSTAYS
Sushi bar appetizer EDAM
Swingers’ org PGA
Swiss river to the Rhine AARE
Tampa Bay gridders BUCS
Tenn. neighbor NCAR
Travel expenses TOLLS
University established by royal charter granted by George IV MCGILL
Valuable rock GEM
Watering holes? OASES
Web designer’s deg MFA
Welcome change BREATHOFFRESH
Winter blanket? SNOW
Winter coat? ICE
Witnesses SEES
Wood for dartboards ELM
Works in a studio ART
___ a fiddle FITAS