Universal - Nov 5 2009

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Clues Answers
"2 Fast 2 Furious" actress Mendes EVA
"Abandon hope, all ye who ___ here" ENTER
"All My Children" vixen ERICA
"Cut that out!" STOPIT
"Good" or "great" ending NESS
"He's ___ nowhere man ..." (Beatles lyric) AREAL
"Howdy," in Maui ALOHA
"Kama ___" (Indian love manual) SUTRA
"Put the ___ to the metal!" PEDAL
"This food is the ___ have ever tasted!" BESTI
"Turn to Stone" gp. ELO
"Without further ___ ..." ADO
"You don't know the ___ of it!" HALF
"___ Marner" SILAS
"___ Quam Videri" (N.C. motto) ESSE
A miner matter? ORE
Add more lubricant REOIL
Adolescent's outbreak ACNE
Altar stand book MISSAL
Australia's gemstone OPAL
Beyond recharging DEAD
Black tie affair GALA
Board at the track TOTE
Borderline IFFY
Bosom buddy PAL
Buenos ___ (Argentina) AIRES
Canada coin birds LOONS
Cattle drive participant STEER
Chorus section members ALTOS
Contrive, as a scheme HATCH
Cooking place OVEN
Cotton or hay quantity BALE
Deception FAKERY
Distribute into categories ASSORT
Do in, as the Jabberwock SLAY
Dynamic lead-in? AERO
Elaborate hanging tapestry ARRAS
Electrical pioneer Nikola TESLA
Clues Answers
English-class assignment ESSAY
Engulfed in fire AFLAME
Expressed, as a farewell BADE
Feline sound MEW
Harry Palmer creator Deighton LEN
Harsh-voiced bird MACAW
Hereditary letters DNA
Japanese immigrant to the U.S. ISSEI
Lacking in power EFFETE
Large and scholarly book TOME
Large wine container VAT
Loamy soil deposit LOESS
Long-haired equestrian LADYGODIVA
Male youngster LAD
Mercury in music FREDDIE
Mule of song SAL
NYC subway manager MTA
Pass into or through PENETRATE
Picnic fruit WATERMELON
Pie-mode link ALA
Place to get a grip HANDLEBAR
Playing card ACE
Polar explorer Richard BYRD
Render speechless AWE
Reprimand mildly CHIDE
Rinse, as with a solvent ELUTE
Ropes usedàto fasten sails EARINGS
Santa's helper ELF
Send into ecstasy ELATE
Sharply painful, as frigid weather BITING
Sporting wings ALAR
Status quo language? LATIN
Strunk and White subject STYLE
The Washington Monument, e.g. OBELISK
This evening, on a marquee TONITE
Thompson of "Howards End" EMMA
Tired camper's convenience BEDROLL
To and ___ FRO
Tuscan city noted for its marble quarries MASSA