Universal - Nov 22 2019

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Clues Answers
"Invisible Man" author ELLISON
"Right now!" THISSECOND
"Same here" IDAGREE
"___ Misbehavin'" (stride jazz classic) AINT
2019 Best Actor winner Malek RAMI
Activist and athlete Arthur ASHE
Andy's boy OPIE
Battlefield healer MEDIC
Blinds strips SLATS
Boo-boo OWIE
British fish dish EELPIE
Bunny collector? DUSTPAN
Capital of Norway OSLO
Clumsy sorts OAFS
College west of Penn PITT
Comfy nightwear PJS
Common mirror shape OVAL
Container for recyclables BIN
Crude surplus OILGLUT
Day for many pranks APRILFIRST
Despicable dudes CADS
Doping scandal substance, informally ROID
Essence GIST
Fashion designer Anna SUI
Fellow MAN
Former Russian autocrats TSARS
Geico Gecko and LiMu Emu MASCOTS
Has left for lunch, say ISOUT
Hemsworth of "Isn't It Romantic" LIAM
Heroes : rolls :: gyros : ___ PITAS
Hoppy brews, briefly IPAS
Hurler at the center of this puzzle's theme PITCHER
Interior designs DECORS
It has a head and is heady ALE
Judge of movies? REINHOLD
Keaton and Sawyer DIANES
Key figures? LOCKSMITHS
Clues Answers
Light beam splitter PRISM
Loch in many questionable photos NESS
Lovelace of early computing ADA
Lower oneself DEIGN
Makes leather TANS
Makeup of the web SITES
More, in Mexico MAS
Not ___ (far from ideal) SOHOT
Old West bud PARD
On the razor's ___ EDGE
One who's with it COOLCAT
Online crafts seller ETSY
Outlet for whistle-blowers TIPLINE
Presentation from Jane Goodall or Julia Sweeney TEDTALK
President Quincy Adams JOHN
Promise to repay, for short IOU
Ref. that added "xoxo" in 2019 OED
Sault ___ Marie STE
Self-centered ones EGOISTS
Sights at a boardwalk PIERS
Stole a base, e.g RAN
Suddenly bright star NOVA
Taken by mouth ORAL
Takes a spin class CYCLES
Tchaikovsky who wrote "1812 Overture" PYOTR
Tennis great Monica SELES
Turndowns NOS
Twice-baked Italian cookies BISCOTTI
Water collection pits SUMPS
What one might say after a long vacation HOMEATLAST
WNBA game channel ESPN
Yalie ELI
Yiddish chumps SCHLEMIELS
___ Jima IWO