- Nov 22 2019

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Clues Answers
''Any __?'' NEWS
Apportions SHARES
Aptly named cooler brand IGLOO
Be sympathetic RELATE
Bedrock City gift shop dolls DINOS
Biopic role for Benicio CHE
Chicken choice FRIER
Come apart DISJOINT
Contract with HIRE
Cool down ICE
Corn holder EAR
Corn holder CAN
Diamond defect SPOT
Dictionary directive SEEALSO
Doctor's prescription, perhaps BEDREST
Drink from Goya APPLESODA
Edible vine seed PEA
Eminent escapologist HOUDINI
Engorged oneself ATEATON
Figure skating figure EIGHT
Forest's Oscar role IDI
Fuss and noise ADO
Get somewhere fast JET
Giant of Victorian lit, born 200 years ago today GEORGEELIOT
Giraffe's head SOFTG
Goes marketing SHOPS
Gore's successor CHENEY
High-priority RUSH
Ichabod Crane rival BROM
Immeasurably extended COSMIC
It's got a ''Refund Status'' webpage IRS
Looked mighty angry GLOWERED
Loose-leaf purchase TEA
Machine with a rotor TURBINE
Metaphor for progress STRIDES
Clues Answers
Molded party servings JELLOSHOTS
Move away abjectly SLINK
Move like a bird FLIT
Naval song's rhyme for ''hooray'' AWEIGH
Need to deal with payback OWE
Needed to deal with payback RANATAB
Neural transmitters AXONS
Novel by 33 Across SILASMARNER
Novel by 33 Across MIDDLEMARCH
One of George's brothers JEB
Online broker ETRADE
Palm's appendages FRONDS
Popped in ENTERED
Produced DID
Public face PERSONA
Puccini opera TOSCA
Rapid round of activities WHIRL
Say nothing to IGNORE
Saying nothing SILENT
See 56 Across EYE
Sign, as a contract EXECUTE
Snoozer of a speaker BORE
Stat in hockey, baseball and basketball ASSISTS
The Muses, for instance SISTERS
Tolerate BROOK
Too minor to matter MERE
Top performer ACE
Unburden EASE
Underground resource ORE
uso.__ ORG
Webpage SITE
Where reception is spotty FRINGEAREA
With 59 Across, unwanted photo effect RED
Withdraws, with ''from'' WEANS
Word following snack or space BAR
Yuletide gift wrapper ELF