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Clues Answers
'60s muscle car GTO
'My friends,' in France MESAMIS
'Nova' airer PBS
'Othello' foe IAGO
'Puppy Love' singer Paul ANKA
'That's how it was told to me' SOIHEAR
'That's right!' AMEN
'The Raven' writer POE
'To be,' to Brutus ESSE
'Today' co-host Kotb HODA
'— a pity' TIS
'— Abner' LIL
'— bad moon rising' ISEEA
'— had a secret love ...' ONCEI
1983 J.P. Donleavy novel LEILA
2015 and 2017 Best Actress nominee Ronan SAOIRSE
33-Down's opposite CON
About half of all adults MEN
Actress Saldana ZOE
Ancient OLD
Animal that hunts, but isn't hunted APEXPREDATOR
Artistic theme MOTIF
ATM code PIN
Auntie played by Lucille Ball MAME
Aussie bird EMU
Bank stmt. ID ACCT
Bar code-scanning gizmo: Abbr OCR
Bar order ALE
Bar order DRINK
Barkin of film ELLEN
Be fixated OBSESS
Brand of skin cream OLAY
Bread buy LOAF
Choose (to) ELECT
Company shuffle, for short REORG
Company that owns Log Cabin, Vlasic and Mrs. Paul's PINNACLEFOODS
Cur's threat GRR
D.C.'s home USA
Decides to participate OPTSIN
Detroit-to-Montreal dir ENE
Digital camera resolution units MEGAPIXELS
Discard from the memory UNLEARN
Dol. fractions CTS
Dress shirt ornament STUD
Egg — yung FOO
ETA part: Abbr ARR
Fetus' place UTERUS
Fish in a garden pond KOI
Foldup beds COTS
Footed vases URNS
Frazier foe ALI
Good laughs HAHAS
Gp. backing arms NRA
Grafton's '— for Alibi' AIS
Grammy category RAP
Happy as — in mud APIG
Hexa- halved TRI
Hippie's 'Got it' IDIG
In — by itself (unique) ACLASS
Is remorseful FEELSBAD
It has a '3D White' product line CRESTTOOTHPASTE
Jab gently NUDGE
Key-centered compositions TONALMUSIC
Kin of Ltd INC
Kitchen scraps ORTS
Las Vegas attractions CASINOS
Life's work CAREER
Like mosaics TILED
Like the Greek letter eta HSHAPED
Clues Answers
Limit for riding a roller coaster, often HEIGHTRESTRICTION
Link with TIEINTO
List of dishes MENU
Long attack SIEGE
Mauna — LOA
Narrates TELLS
NCAA conference of the Midwest SUMMITLEAGUE
Noisy nappers SNORERS
Oath reply IDO
Onetime competitor of Magnavox ZENITHELECTRONICS
Oom- — (tuba sounds) PAHS
Part of WMD MASS
Payoff of athletic training PEAKPERFORMANCE
PC undo key ESC
Peel, as fruit PARE
Philosopher with a 'razor' OCCAM
Photo-sharing app, for short INSTA
Places to get body wraps DAYSPAS
Poor grades DEES
Port-au-Prince locale HAITI
Positive aspect PRO
Preteen CHILD
Prevaricate LIE
Profound DEEP
Reproachful clicks TSKS
Rocker Patty of Scandal SMYTH
Roman 2,050 MML
Safe, at sea ALEE
Sallie — MAE
Scarf down EAT
Sealed up, as a package TAPED
Set of regular customers CLIENTBASE
Similar-meaning wd SYN
Singer Basil TONI
Singer Bobby DARIN
Sinking ship's call SOS
Skipper's site HELM
Sleuth, slangily TEC
Social grace POISE
Source of wacky products in Road Runner cartoons ACMECORPORATION
Spam holder CAN
Spam holder TIN
Spanish dances like fandangos MALAGUENAS
Spherical bacterium, for short STAPH
Stately tree ELM
Steepness SLOPE
Sublets, e.g RENTS
Suffix with contradict ORY
Supreme Court's Samuel ALITO
Tables with data on daily ebbs and flows TIDECHARTS
Takeaway game of strategy NIM
The Isle of Man, to Britain CROWNDEPENDENCY
They precede Novs OCTS
Think piece ESSAY
Tokyo beer ASAHI
Totally unacceptable NOTOK
Tropical cereal grass SORGHUM
TV's Estrada ERIK
Type of fish that a 59-Across is CARP
Uno + due TRE
Variety SORT
Variety KIND
Venezuela's main river ORINOCO
Verge EDGE
Verve PEP
Vodka brand SKYY
Writer Levin IRA
— polloi HOI