The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8128

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Clues Answers
City of Florida ORLANDO
Common farm crop oil-seed rape
Criminal deceptions FRAUDS
Engrave (metal or glass) ETCH
Engrave; dedicate (to) INSCRIBE
Events laid out linearly TIMELINE
Faint smell WHIFF
Flightless bird OSTRICH
Go for a dip SWIM
Make unhappy UPSET
Mosquito-borne disease MALARIA
Clues Answers
Mythical monster DRAGON
Not sloping FLAT
Ocean-going vessel SHIP
Painting method TEMPERA
Pre-conquest Mexican AZTEC
Raised platforms ROSTRA
Spoken; of the mouth ORAL
Standard, typical NORMAL
Traditional beliefs FOLKLORE
Tropical avian frigate bird
Unpleasantly vivid in colour LURID
Went on horseback RODE