Wall Street Journal - Nov 21 2019 - Stock Splits

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Clues Answers
“Dragonwyck” author Seton ANYA
“Fifth Beatle” Sutcliffe STU
“Hadestown” writer Mitchell ANAIS
“Pull Over” rapper TRINA
“Uh-huh” YEP
“___ of Love and Darkness” (Amos Oz memoir) ATALE
Acct. addition INT
Alan who co-starred with 3-Down ALDA
Astonishing person CORKER
Battle of Cabra victor ELCID
Beltway Series player NAT
Bitty burgers SLIDERS
Breastbones STERNUMS
Cancels a correction STETS
Census Bureau’s cabinet dept COMM
Close circle COTERIE
Common soccer score ONEALL
Comprehensive GLOBAL
Confounded DADGUM
Danny’s “Twins” co-star ARNOLD
Devils’ wear SKATES
Digital challenge SUDOKU
Disabled boy of opera AMAHL
Dit’s counterpart, in Morse code DAH
Expected DUE
Farm animal ASS
Farm animal RAM
Farm animal PIG
Farm animal COW
Forget to mention OMIT
Gromit, e.g BEAGLE
Hargitay of “Law & Order: SVU” MARISKA
Heels CADS
Ink in some pens GEL
It’s good for team members to be on the same one WAVELENGTH
Jamie who co-starred with 39-Across FARR
Clues Answers
John Glenn took part in it MERCURYPROG
Killing time in Rome IDES
Lake north of Ithaca CAYUGA
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Letter O? HUG
Like Schoenberg’s music ATONAL
Make public AIR
Not written ORAL
On pins and needles AGOG
Oscar winner as Loretta Castorini CHER
Outlawed organochlorine DDT
Penelope Wilton and Maggie Smith DAMES
Political union inits. from 1958 to 1961 UAR
Privy to INON
Pure, in a way SINLESS
Quiche base EGGS
Reader’s notes MARGINALIA
Seedy saloon DIVE
Seeker of courage ARDLYLION
Seething MAD
Settle on CHOOSE
Site for a bite CAFE
Sport denounced by animal rights groups EONSHOOTING
Square figure AREA
Straight HETERO
Treats a hide TANS
Tree with aromatic leaves MYRTLE
Victim of a 2006 demotion PLUTO
Wealthy bunch LEISURECL
Wise guys SMARTIES
Words with discount or disadvantage ATA
World’s largest Arab country ALGERIA
Wound closer SUTURE
Yarn strands PLIES