Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Acknowledges the audience - is that what one of those on the fiddle does? TAKESABOW
Came by to get one's hands on Oriental starter dish OBTAINED
Daydreaming in 25 across? Took umbrage with that! ABSENTMINDED
Finish off local dance last of all with euphoria, flourish and excitement HOOHAH
Florentine removes trio from herb garden FENNEL
From an educational prospective, master butcher argued over a bone GRADUATE
Has an inclination this is for the Dublin supporters and Kerry HILLSIDE
Hospital nursed sick - around 500 or some such number HUNDREDS
Is out there to lift lid off secret OVERT
Kiwi at The Observer is half interested in the tweeters BIRDWATCHERS
Lay to rest without a lot of those spares synonymous with The Boot? TYRES
Northern person who could be picky is more into The Order NEATER
Person found in monk's town with excellent port from the east DUBAI
Person named in Berlin has the potential to be a good loser DIETER
Clues Answers
Political exile offering regime change EMIGRE
Postman reads the good stuff? MANOFLETTERS
Raised fool in hospital - the one loving Elvis ASSERTED
Really cared about what's at the bottom of 11 down MINDED
Sounds like advice to someone losing the loaf to achieve? GETAHEAD
Subject to helpmate getting rid of pal THEME
Taking in Manhattan, for example, with doctor popular on the board DRINKING
The theatre's bookkeeper flips over initial insult from leading actor AUDITORIA
Throughout our existence, this is all we get for working longer OVERTIME
Throw light on awful air raid on square to the East IRRADIATE
Tibetans lose it when not in attendance ABSENT
Trust doctors - those appealing to higher-ups for the betterment of others FAITHHEALERS
Weird old deputy head from college with ponytail ODDITY
What you get for taking the rocky road to Dublin, for instance? Accommodation in 3 down! FLATTYRES