Universal - Nov 20 2019

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Clues Answers
"College GameDay" airer ESPN
"Russian Doll" or "Better Call Saul" SHOW
"Toy Story 4" and "Ocean's 8" MOVIES
"___ of Our Lives" DAYS
"___ things happen" THESE
(C)overt (op)eration POLICESTING
Academy Award speculation OSCARBUZZ
Accompany ESCORT
Activist Parks ROSA
Agility contest moves JUMPS
Anthropologist Margaret MEAD
Anticipate a treat, perhaps DROOL
Berkshire Hathaway's Nebraska base OMAHA
Between ports ASEA
Captain of the Nautilus NEMO
Change the title of RENAME
Competent ABLE
Contractor's quote ESTIMATE
Delphi figure ORACLE
Dennis, for one MENACE
Diarist Frank ANNE
Discard TOSS
Fail to mention OMIT
Fermented rice drink SAKE
Flow back EBB
Gear teeth COGS
Group of celestial objects METEORSWARM
Guthrie of folk music ARLO
Hardly a picky eater OMNIVORE
Hit with a laser ZAP
Holiday shelf sitter ELF
Homes that don't need air conditioning IGLOOS
Horse feature MANE
I-one connector FOR
In unison ASONE
Inventor Musk ELON
Jot down NOTE
Language suffix ESE
Clues Answers
Language that gave us "kiwi" MAORI
Last letter ZEE
Like the egg, some say FIRST
Main artery AORTA
Many CEOs' degrees MBAS
Meat in a 59-Down SPAM
Nelson Mandela portrayer Idris ELBA
New version of an app UPDATE
Not serious JOKING
Occupied INUSE
Palindromic boat KAYAK
Particles such as F- IONS
Percolate SEEP
Poet Angelou MAYA
Poles hold them up TENTS
Prefix with "dynamic" AERO
Pro ___ (at no charge) BONO
Proper ___ NOUN
Roaming freely ONTHELOOSE
Sauna descriptor STEAMY
Sculptors' trunks TORSOS
See 63-Across CAN
Singer DiFranco ANI
Singer Rawls LOU
Small laundry problem SPOT
Some are sprayed on TANS
Southwest native UTE
Speakers' platforms ROSTRA
Stuff in a bale HAY
Surgery ctrs ORS
Sydney attraction OPERAHOUSE
Taste found in aged cheese UMAMI
Terrific, in '90s slang PHAT
Type of jeans BUTTONFLY
Upholstery fabric TOILE
Wife of Zeus HERA
Winery visitor TASTER
Winning serve, in tennis ACE
Word after "peanut" or "truffle" OIL