The Washington Post - Nov 20 2019

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Clues Answers
'Evil Woman' gp ELO
'Oh dear!' ALAS
'Water for Elephants' novelist Gruen SARA
'__ takers?' ANY
*Caller ID, maybe RINGTONE
*Center stage LIMELIGHT
*Small computer NOTEBOOK
*Spot for a seaside stroll BOARDWALK
22.5 deg NNE
7UP and Sprite SODAS
Actor Vigoda ABE
Bathroom brand TYDBOL
Batted but didn't field, in MLB lingo DHED
Blight-stricken tree ELM
Brigham Young's Utah settlement DESERET
Broadway barber TODD
Cavs and Mavs NBAERS
Charter LEASE
Clerical vestments ALBS
Comfy hangouts DENS
Corrida cheer OLE
Corrida snorter ELTORO
Covert doings OPS
Cracker Jack bonus TOY
Crooner Michael BOLTON
Document sent online EFAX
European peak ALP
Extinct bird DODO
Grossed-out sounds EWS
Group with a common culture ETHNOS
Guitar great Paul LES
Guy with the FBI GMAN
Hardly prudent RASH
Harry's Hogwarts nemesis DRACO
Hay storage site LOFT
Hemingway's 1930s Florida home, and a hint to the answers to starred clues KEYWEST
Hip-hop tops DORAGS
Hungarian wine region EGER
Clues Answers
Instant JIFF
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Like most customers PAYING
Like some diving DEEPSEA
Manicurist or secretary, at times FILER
Minor document? FAKEID
Not nigh AFAR
OPEC member IRAN
Opinion pieces OPEDS
Overseas business abbr LTD
Prepare for a bodybuilding competition OILUP
Prime-time time NINE
Prove false DEBUNK
Puccini piece ARIA
Put in ADD
Respected figure ELDER
Roast carver KNIFE
Seismologist with a scale RICHTER
Sets right ORIENTS
Settled in NESTED
Shoot the breeze JAW
Shorten, as hair CUT
Singer Brickell EDIE
Social website with 'AMA' sessions REDDIT
Software giant ORACLE
Strait's 'All My __ Live in Texas' EXS
Stunt flier's stunt LOOP
Summer sign LEO
Tax audit docs RCPTS
Texas MLBer STRO
Title role for Gary Cooper and Adam Sandler MRDEEDS
Tummy muscles ABS
UPS Store item CTN
Waffle made without an iron EGGO
Water under the bridge, maybe STREAM
Wisconsin city on Lake Winnebago NEENAH
__ onion BERMUDA