The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Agreeable NICE
Angered RILED
Antiquated sole in to be repaired OBSOLETE
Baseball player PITCHER
Bird with the French name TITLE
Caption TITLE
Cavity in electronic heater NICHE
Cocktail made with bitters pink gin
Culinary herb BASIL
Dangerous bacteria e coli
Defender is superb on Tyneside CHAMPION
Drink gets kingpin drunk pink gin
Element of certain murder mysteries? ARSENIC
Embarrassed because editor eats meat ASHAMED
Faculty of vision EYESIGHT
Gentle soul (informal) LAMB
Getaway ESCAPE
Guilt-ridden ASHAMED
Heard seal in Scots lake LOCH
Hot stone crumbled around lake STOLEN
Idler terribly agitated RILED
Indolence SLOTH
Jug from salesperson? PITCHER
Keep quiet about fate or sin SLOTH
Clues Answers
Lice moving around old bug e coli
Lomond or Ness, e.g LOCH
Man in pub as illustrated BASIL
Meshed nylon cap HAIRNET
Nourishing substance NUTRIENT
Nutter in preparing good food NUTRIENT
One studying tattered NY atlas ANALYST
Overhead protection in the rain at sea HAIRNET
Penurious hard up
Researcher ANALYST
Respect is introduced to English backs ESTEEM
Respectable French city NICE
Roald ---, The BFG author DAHL
Roman military unit COHORT
Sense agreement within rowing team EYESIGHT
Shallow recess NICHE
Short sailor put out crossing river ABRUPT
Small ambition limits innocent person LAMB
Soldiers company keen to stifle resistance COHORT
Son in unstable peace to break free ESCAPE
Taken illegally STOLEN
Tough at university on the breadline hard up
Writer in purdah listless DAHL