Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 19 2019

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Clues Answers
11 down starts with endless overseas pensions HOTELS
A type of college to relocate mysteriously to Lima ELECTORAL
Blunder is covered up during race by revolutionary type causing mayhem TERRORIST
Can't make this point strongly enough - this is not without it's difficulties STRESS
Charges along the journey heading off for The Maldives, for instance TOLLS
Coat of arms of lawyer consumed by upsetting viral phenomenon EMBLEM
Collect crops and fruit! Come again? REAPPEAR
Cordite explosive that's never ending - is there one in charge? DIRECTOR
Doesn't hold a grudge in accommodations one got free LETSITGO
Draw a line dismissing Ward as strange ALIEN
Flying drones heard at night? SNORED
Forces Mary to take in one type of chick MILITARY
Fruit from citron removed from morning coat MANGO
Gloats in a way out of sentimentality NOSTALGIA
Clues Answers
Gradually produce slit in dress! INSTIL
Greek character on record popular with heads of industry - silly men with a lack of culture PHILISTINISM
Gym registered on O'Connell Street to lose water? PERSPIRE
Lived on riverside grass around source of water REMAINED
Most of the drugs found at revolutionary's addresses SPEECHES
One of the issues produced by The Guard DAUGHTER
Pay attention to Leninist dropping in LISTEN
Port - the fiery illegal type produced by the minister PARSON
Read aloud in coach to one with reservations for the trip HOTELMANAGER
Really big Fords taken off bed of roses OBESE
Season on island goes down well with the Italians PEPPERONI
Shoplifter takes a number of beer bottles handled by the barman CRIMINALCASE
Study from medical institution is a page-turner? READER
Use a crystal ball to scrutinise most of them with heavenly bodies? READTHESTARS