- Nov 18 2019

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Clues Answers
''. . . and all __ jazz'' THAT
''A Farewell __'' (Hemingway novel) TOARMS
''Anything could happen'' THERESNOTELLING
''That's want I wanted to hear'' NOWYOURETALKING
Accumulate AMASS
Adam and Eve's garden EDEN
Affirmative responses YESES
All over again ANEW
Alter, as the Constitution AMEND
American spy org CIA
Ancient OLD
Apr. and Oct MOS
Assist in a crime ABET
Assumed name ALIAS
Astronauts' org NASA
At the peak UPTOP
Biblical ark builder NOAH
Bistro handouts MENUS
Cafeteria plate holder TRAY
Con game SCAM
Construction site lifting machine CRANE
Dined at home ATEIN
Do nothing on a sofa LAZE
Drop __ to (write) ALINE
Elephant's long teeth TUSKS
Event's locale VENUE
Exerts, as power WIELDS
Extra effort, informally OOMPH
Fit for a queen or king ROYAL
Full of good sense WISE
Having a sharp incline STEEP
High school math course TRIG
Identical SAME
Invalidates ANNULS
Lines of theater seats ROWS
Make over REDO
Make simpler EASE
Clues Answers
Model airplane adhesive GLUE
Most dishonorable BASEST
Mr. Kringle of Christmas KRIS
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Musical work with sopranos OPERA
Nevada casino city RENO
Notion IDEA
Of the moon LUNAR
Olympics ski race SLALOM
Play part after intermission ACTII
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Prepare gifts WRAP
Public school support grps PTAS
Quick glance PEEK
Rock music sound booster AMP
Shatters BREAKS
Short sleeps NAPS
Small horse PONY
Small songbird WREN
Soaks (up) SOPS
Social standard NORM
Take by force SEIZE
Things to pucker LIPS
To no __ (unsuccessful) AVAIL
Tournament round exemptions BYES
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Veggies in pods PEAS
Vicinity AREA
Walk into a plane BOARD
Wet forecast RAIN
What ''there's no place like'' HOME
What visors shade EYES
Where Lima is capital PERU
__ cheese salad dressing BLEU
__ Diego, CA SAN
__ in (covers snugly with a blanket) TUCKS
__ Lanka (Asian nation) SRI
__ Sound (water beside Seattle) PUGET
__ to pass (happened) CAME