The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 577 - Nov 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Act over form, from what we hear, forming a barrier TURNSTILE
Alluring girl, heartless in love GLAMOROUS
American introduced to remarkable dame is delighted AMUSED
Aquatic plant, deep down, tangled PONDWEED
Belief unacceptable across island NOTION
Bookkeeper's sign – managed to get hold of one LIBRARIAN
Cold and unemotional type in charge, diver recalled ICEBERG
Deliberately set fire to church by rocky peak TORCH
Drink royal upset LAGER
Emotional pang amongst right-wingers TWINGE
Excellent spinner having fine match TOPFLIGHT
Fetching a few after victory WINSOME
First to sell plough, for all that STILL
Flag examined, reportedly, then put out REDCROSS
Flirting beginning to destroy partnership DALLIANCE
Greek and English entering in good time for tea EARLGREY
Clues Answers
Happy laughing about advertisement RADIANT
Homesickness caused by reacting to a signal NOSTALGIA
Lead weapon used by chief SPEARHEAD
Make a forced landing in the sea or desert? DITCH
Measure mountain range CHAIN
Note what Tuscany has? MIDDLEC
Omit girl in error MISSOUT
Prison term given by one lacking awareness? Just the opposite SENTENCE
Prophet some stoned by front of synagogue MOSES
Quickly putting drop of rum in sauce PRESTO
Saying few words, the Parisian caught with counterfeit coin LACONIC
Small blue vehicle, one lagging behind SLOWCOACH
Someone snarling in old horse-drawn cab GROWLER
Story about black piece of furniture TABLE
Taking Ecstasy inside must stop HEAVETO
Under emotional strain in past, perhaps TENSE