L.A. Times Daily - Nov 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"Country Music" chronicler Burns KEN
"I hate the Moor" speaker IAGO
"LOTR" menaces ORCS
"Scene's over!" CUT
"That's not a baby bump?"? SURELYYOUGESTATE
"The Good Fight" actress LAHTI
"The Pearl Fishers" priestess LEILA
"What do you __?" MEAN
"Why, then, __ soldier drink!": 40-Down LETA
'90s candidate who opposed NAFTA PEROT
... Fitzgerald, __, Milhous .. BAINES
102-Down month APRIL
1951 Reagan co-star BONZO
51, for one AREA
90° from norte ESTE
Actor's nickname that sounds like a golf term BOGIE
Adjust ALTER
Ancient Greek warrior's pet monkey? AMAZONPRIMATE
Arctic "snowshoe" critters HARES
Backyard amenities POOLS
Beginning with ASOF
Best Reader Award winner? PICKOFTHELITERATE
Bit of beer, say SIP
Bit of perjury LIE
Bits of energy ERGS
Canal craft BARGE
Car-collecting comic LENO
Carol opener TIS
Cinematic Sergio LEONE
Classic auto REO
Cluster of stars? ALIST
Colorful card game UNO
Common game piece DIE
Competition carrot MEDAL
Coop up in a coop ENCAGE
Copy paper purchase REAM
Critters with black eye patches PANDAS
Cru output VIN
Cry out loud SOB
Cybersales ETAIL
Delightful bites MORSELS
Does some meal prep DICES
Down Under bud MATE
Dresses down SCOLDS
Dundee denial NAE
Early Bond foe DRNO
Educator LeShan EDA
End of an ultimatum ELSE
Express opp LOC
Familiar gamut ATOZ
Fire sign FLAME
Fire sign ARIES
Firing offense? ARSON
Fly over Africa TSETSE
Foul quality STENCH
Go a round or two SPAR
Golfers' headgear VISORS
Gospel travelers MAGI
Guns that don't shoot BICEPS
Happily-after link EVER
Hide in the forest? PELT
Hiker's handful GRANOLA
Hot concert spot FRONTROW
How tuna might be packed INOIL
Insincere flattery SMARM
Jeans name LEVI
Jumbo tail? TRON
Leaders HEADS
Like some probes LUNAR
Like the soles of walking boots RIDGED
Liven up the science fair? ACTIVATEVOLCANOS
Look forward to AWAIT
Clues Answers
Machu Picchu or Chichén Itzá RUIN
Many August births LEOS
Mes con 31 días ENERO
Mesa __ National Park VERDE
Meter users BARDS
MGM rival RKO
Modern-day break-in HACK
More honest SINCERER
More than just asks BEGS
Musical Mama CASS
Myanmar, at one time BURMA
Night before the big day EVE
No surprise to a Disney World arrival LINE
Not just primary, as an heir SOLE
Not straight up SLANTED
Note to self before appearing on "America's Got Talent"? CAPTIVATEAUDIENCE
Noted 2001 bankruptcy ENRON
One of the 54-Across CASPAR
Pack animals ASSES
Part of it is now a desert ARALSEA
Pea opener in toons? SWEE
Pepperoni alternative SAUSAGE
Pieces of pie, often EIGHTHS
Place to see X's and O's LOVENOTE
Playground comeback DIDSO
Pleasant surprise TREAT
Posy pieces PETALS
Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Brett FAVRE
Promise to marry BETROTH
Prosecutor's burden PROOF
Pull down EARN
Put a damper on DETER
Put on a pedestal ADORE
Ready in the field RIPE
Rope maker's supply SISAL
Scandalous stuff SLEAZE
See 33-Down SEED
Short end of the stick RAWDEAL
Signed INKED
Skinny swimmer EEL
Snape portrayer Rickman ALAN
Soapmaking compounds LYES
Social misfit DWEEB
Solid start? ESS
Spa offering FACIAL
Spanish 101 word ERES
Stable dwellers MARES
Stunned state AWE
Summoned to the door RANG
Take a load off EASE
Take advantage of USE
They get the job done TOOLS
They're in the air GASES
Thin change DIME
Tile setter, often KNEELER
Today, to Tomás HOY
Toon adventurer DORA
Tried to make up for lost time SPED
Try to cure the effects of a skunk invasion on a semi? AERATEFREIGHT
Uzi's brother in "The Royal Tenenbaums" ARI
Vicious with a bass SID
Victoria's Secret competitor SOMA
Walter Reed hospital city BETHESDA
Way through a fence STILE
Well-mannered GENTEEL
Whale tracker SONAR
When the story starts on stage ACTI
Where to find Reubens and Cubans DELI
With 52-Down, bagel flavoring SESAME
Word in a Morton Salt motto RAINS
__ academy NAVAL