Family Time - Nov 17 2019

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Clues Answers
"A ___ formality!" MERE
"Hang on for a sec" WAIT
"That hurts!" OUCH
"The Two Towers" monster ORC
A dollar, but not in the U.S EURO
A gentle breeze at the end of the dictionary ZEPHYR
Able to be heard AUDIBLE
Action film VIP HERO
Altar procedure RITE
Backyard building SHED
Basic earring STUD
Big miss WHIFF
Biodegradable pipe material CORNCOB
Bit in a horse's mouth? OAT
Bread variety RYE
Burned-wood evidence ASH
Carriage, in London PRAM
Certain body of water BAY
Certain high school class ART
Claim 2 + 8 = 11 ERR
Colorless gas ETHANE
Common lubricant OIL
Composition for me and you DUET
Conceals, as a present WRAPS
Cover-ed thing? BED
Creamy white color ECRU
Dietary food word LITE
Do a wrecker's job TOW
Dog with a flat face PEKE
Enjoy crabs and salmon EAT
Fish eggs ROE
Goes the other way, in a way ZAGS
Guard on the deck RAIL
Herring's kin SHAD
Clues Answers
It's after pi RHO
Karan of fashion DONNA
Kind of wool? STEEL
Letters on bike tires PSI
Major network CBS
Male offspring SON
Material for many cans TIN
Muffle, as a sound DEADEN
Myrna of movies LOY
Of the same kind AKIN
Opera feature ARIA
Pervasive quality AURA
Piercing tools AWLS
Potent beverage ALE
Shirts and skins SIDES
Soar and flap FLY
Sonata movement RONDO
Sound heard on a farm BAA
Southwest gulch ARROYO
Stitch up SEW
Super letter? ESS
Tough phrases for new English speakers IDIOMS
Train for a boxing match SPAR
Unspecified total SOME
Vehicle used in winter SLED
Vermont tree product SAP
Washing site TUB
Word with "web" and "sure" FOOTED
Zilch relative NIL
___ Glory (U.S. flag) OLD
___ Hill (San Francisco neighborhood) NOB
___ Plaines, Ill DES
___ Torino GRAN
____ Beta Kappa PHI