The Washington Post Sunday - Nov 17 2019

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Clues Answers
'American ___' IDOL
'Comeback' singer Eyre ELLA
'Dawson's Creek' actress Alexander SASHA
'Elementary' element EPISODE
'Garfield: The Movie' actor Breckin ___ MEYER
'Gem City' of the Keystone State ERIE
'Gemini Man' director Lee ANG
'I'm afraid to say ...' SADLY
'Insensitive' singer Jann ARDEN
'Moby-Dick' prosthesis PEGLEG
'Monsters, ___' INC
'Oh, um, physicians'? ERDOCTORS
'Project Runway All Stars' judge Mizrahi ISAAC
'That clarifies things' ISEE
'The Sun Always Shines on TV' rockers AHA
'The X-Files' actress Anderson GILLIAN
'Washboard' muscles ABS
'We're going down!' SOS
Adjust, as laces RETIE
Average jerk SCHMO
Battery-powering devices used while singing scale notes after sols? LACHARGERS
Black rock conduit, in old houses COALCHUTE
Blue Devil's rival TARHEEL
Blunted sword EPEE
British Open champ in 2002 and 2012 ERNIEELS
Bunches ATON
Chef Lagasse EMERIL
Cinq + six ONZE
Cobb salad ingredient BACON
Colts' parents MARES
Computer networks used by one's father? PASYSTEMS
Cracklin' ___ Bran OAT
Currently concealed INHIDING
Daring Knievel EVEL
Discipline taught by Chen Wangting TAICHI
Dog show specification BREED
Economics topic TRADE
Educational titles earned by one's mother? MADEGREES
Emulated Pinocchio LIED
Enlist again REUP
European city where 49 Across formed OSLO
Express irritation GRIPE
Fabric that's one letter off from a country ANGORA
Fixed a Steinway, e.g RETUNED
Fixed figure SETRATE
Flaming part of Ghost Rider's body SKULL
Flask plug STOPPER
Forest dweller of sci-fi EWOK
Fortune revenue sources ADPAGES
Full of excitement EAGER
Golden Arches' periodic pork sandwich MCRIB
Graveyard shift hr ONEAM
Green hue LIME
Harpsichord key material EBONY
Heavenly glow AURA
Held in check ATBAY
High shots LOBS
Highly salty body DEADSEA
Home of the broncos RODEO
Idiosyncrasies TICS
Interlacing locks BRAIDS
Involved with INON
It may have lost an electron ION
It was believed to be falling in a folk tale SKY
Lacking illumination DARK
Like most drivers ADULT
Like one whose privacy has been violated, in a way OUTED
Like TV shows one may watch as a guilty pleasure TRASHY
Many a Dream Act supporter LATINA
Market improvement UPTURN
Clues Answers
Me, at the Louvre MOI
Michigan college ... or the start of a college term? ALMA
Moist, as blades DEWY
Mollusk in a garden SNAIL
Move along a ledge SIDLE
Musophobe's shout EEK
Narrow opening SLIT
Niels who developed an atomic model BOHR
One of two in some families DADDY
One working on the set of a 1990 horror miniseries? ITPROFESSIONAL
Opposite of draconian LENIENT
Ore. hiking locale MTHOOD
Origami headwear PAPERHAT
Palindromic bird TIT
Pants holder DRESSER
Parent of a 12 Down EWE
Part of a band's gear DRUM
Part of town where actor Pacino, politico Gore and weatherman Roker all live? ALCENTRAL
Parts of a band's tour GIGS
Perfect HONE
Petting zoo creature LAMB
Piece of jewelry worn by Sigmund Freud? IDBRACELET
Piston ring? RIM
Poem with important first letters ACROSTIC
Prepare, as one's loins GIRD
Proceeded briskly TROTTED
Professor said to be based in part on J.K. Rowling's childhood chemistry teacher SNAPE
Promises ASSURES
Rejection for a Russian author NYET
Relatives of sleeper sofas FUTONS
Result of embarrassing behavior SHAME
Savings option ROTHIRA
Sch. that established the Southern Review LSU
See 40 Across STADIUM
Servants of queens ANTS
Set in stone ETCHED
Shaped like an avocado OVATE
Showed one's behind MOONED
Side by side ABREAST
Sierra ___ (soda) MIST
Smart ___ ALECK
Soaked, as tea leaves STEEPED
Some Brexit negotiators TORIES
Sorts people by urgency of need TRIAGES
Sounds from Mufasa ROARS
Sourdough unit LOAF
Sport in which one wears a mawashi SUMO
Staple of Creole cuisine OKRA
Take the wrong path ERR
Takes on, as a role ASSUMES
Tech-___ (futuristic, dramatic genre) NOIR
Tend to one's yard MOW
Tennis star Sharapova MARIA
Theater critic Richard COE
Those who haven't paid their dues? UNMEMBERS
Tidbit at a racetrack HOTTIP
Tobin who played Kitty Wilde on 'Glee' BECCA
Took value away (from) DETRACTED
Ultimate ordinal NTH
Vertical ERECT
Vietnamese festival TET
Weapons you may see at Medieval Times MACES
What we're made of? USCONSTITUTION
White castle, perhaps ROOK
Widespread trend CRAZE
Widespread trend FAD
Wildebeest GNU
With 27 Across, 2000 Subway Series venue SHEA
XING sign silhouette DEER
You'll hear it again ECHO