Universal - Nov 16 2019

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Clues Answers
"Fiddlesticks!" DRAT
"I might surprise you" TRYME
"Look what I did!" TADA
"The ___ Squad" MOD
"___ One: A Star Wars Story" ROGUE
*Completely, informally STONECOLD
*Outdoor concert venue BANDSTAND
*Prom purchase, often LONGDRESS
*Risk requirement GAMEBOARD
*Works worth framing MASTERPIECES
2012 ticket name ROMNEY
A toddler may dread taking one NAP
Abound TEEM
Actress Lollobrigida GINA
Animal that can turn its head 270 degrees OWL
Aspirations GOALS
Attic rooms GARRETS
Ballpark marathon, or hint to what can precede both parts of each starred answer DOUBLEHEADER
Bridesmaid and Ghostbuster Kristen WIIG
Bridge positions EASTS
Burn a little SINGE
Camping supplies GEAR
Carne ___ ASADA
Chrome button? RELOAD
Commenced BEGAN
Common on-camera ad-lib HIMOM
Condescend DEIGN
Convened MET
Decorative disk on a car HUBCAP
Empire that built Machu Picchu INCA
First name in fragrance ESTEE
Force in Manhattan, briefly NYPD
Garfield's favorite food LASAGNA
Himalayan guide SHERPA
Hwy. intersections JCTS
Jump with 1.5 turns AXEL
Kind of sax ALTO
Language of Vientiane LAO
Clues Answers
Listening device user SPY
Look up to ADMIRE
Makes colorful, '60s-style TIEDYES
Marilyn, once NORMA
Minor deviation BLIP
Miss, in Mexico: Abbr SRTA
Monsters of folklore GOBLINS
Mother (and anagram) of Hera RHEA
Muslim hair covering HIJAB
Not quite right AMISS
Noted 1979 exile SHAH
Olympic weapons EPEES
Org. co-founded by W.E.B. Du Bois NAACP
Org. that gets many returns IRS
Pokes fun at TEASES
Prepare to take off TAXI
Quality of most triple chocolate cakes RICHNESS
Raised, as letters EMBOSSED
Real nerve GALL
Rhode Island is the smallest one STATE
Signs off on OKS
Some community college degs AAS
Soul maker KIA
Sow's digs STY
Spots for sale ADS
Start to awaken STIR
Strong negative emotion HATE
Swipe left on, on Tinder REJECT
Tailless cat MANX
That, in Toledo ESO
Thing on a list ITEM
Trade show EXPO
Traditional 10th anniversary metal TIN
Ventura County resort town OJAI
Venus, to Serena, for short SIS
Very short robot ROOMBA
Want ad abbr EEO
Watt or volt UNIT