New York Times - Nov 16 2019

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Clues Answers
'Great job!' HOORAY
'Heaven forbid!' IHOPENOT
'How about this ...' SAY
'Rawhide,' for Ronald Reagan CODENAME
'___ alive!' ITS
2016 election meddlers RUSSIANTROLLS
2022 World Cup venue DOHA
Abbr. in a formal salutation MESSRS
Basketball's jab step and others FAKES
Brewing rebellion UNREST
Carnotite, for example ORE
Cornstarch brand since 1892 ARGO
Cries of dismay OYS
Diminutive WEE
Diminutive, informally BITSY
Discarded computer parts and such EWASTE
Division signs OBELI
Domain led by a 36-Across PARISH
Dweller in the Hundred Acre Wood ROO
Forbes rival INC
Goes after GUNSFOR
Hollow, maybe DEN
How Old Faithful erupts ONAREGULARBASIS
Impresario STAGER
International marque whose logo is a pair of calipers ACURA
It's a stunner PHASER
Its chief agricultural export is dates OMAN
Jets might be found in this BATH
Kind of system in a hospital ABO
Kitchen prep for onions and tomatoes DICING
Leader in a 24-Down VICAR
Musical movement with a recurring theme RONDO
Nickname akin to Ginger RED
Not barefoot SHOD
Clues Answers
Nurses SIPS
Old RCA product VCR
One in 10 people being left-handed, e.g.: Abbr EST
One who's got something brewing BARISTA
Open organization, for short PGA
Opposite of crowed ATEDIRT
Part of a Cinderella story BALL
Part of the original spelling of 'Sparta' RHO
Past presidential candidate who once worked for IBM PEROT
Place for a pigeon LEDGE
Provider of a lifeline PALM
Public mention SHOUTOUT
Puts in a box, perhaps MAILS
Recognize silently NODTO
Refuge, of sorts HOMELESSSHELTER
Relative of a snifter GOBLET
Relatives of chalcedonies OPALS
School where Aristotle taught LYCEUM
Some obligations IOUS
Sporty car option TTOP
Tapped CHOSE
Teased, teased, teased RODE
Texter's qualifier IMO
The letter Æ ASH
They get minuses in chemistry ANIONS
Total train wreck HOTMESS
Use as a doormat STEPON
Weather balloon, maybe UFO
What 'check' means in poker NOBET
What a performer does periodically during a musical BREAKSOUTINSONG
___ bag SWAG
___ for life LUST