The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 15 2019

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Clues Answers
A wife in one African country or another MALAWI
Absurd and mad to release sulphur INANE
Agile duo animated in discussion DIALOGUE
Ancient letter RUNE
Appalling TERRIBLE
Appointment DATE
Black tea possibly best BEAT
Brood MOPE
Chariot crushed bean HARICOT
Close shave near thing
Committee to criticise Spanish article PANEL
Company car is out in French isle CORSICA
Daughter devoured boyfriend? DATE
Dreadful meal in time causes illness AILMENT
Drinking vessel? SCHOONER
Father (informal) DAD
Fishing pole ROD
French bean HARICOT
Gin and vermouth MARTINI
Go up stream BURN
Inebriate duke, after dash in dark, collapsed DRUNKARD
Jury members PANEL
Loathsome as Ivan? TERRIBLE
Lucky escape, then a grin that's twisted near thing
Marlene ---, film actor DIETRICH
Clues Answers
Mediterranean island CORSICA
Mindless INANE
Minor peer BARON
Mysterious character about to collar UN RUNE
Nobleman Oscar inside farm building BARON
Old man in band adored DAD
Overcook BURN
Predicament PLIGHT
Rhythm BEAT
Sailing ship SCHOONER
Set off from school in time DETONATE
Slim and wealthy actress DIETRICH
Snow leopard OUNCE
Some system operators are down MOPE
Sot or lush DRUNKARD
Stand for religious education here REPRESENT
Starter of pumpkin and low-fat pickle PLIGHT
State bordering Zambia MALAWI
Stewart travelled on horse endlessly ROD
Submit dossier FILE
Swallow one alcoholic drink MARTINI
What a cat weighs? OUNCE