- Nov 14 2019

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Clues Answers
''Cheers'' server CARLA
''Downton Abbey'' title EARL
''House'' doctor portrayer OMAREPPS
''I got nothing'' BEATSME
''The Bridges of Madison County'' setting IOWA
1992 national candidate PEROT
Amount to administer DOSE
Ancient invader HUN
Any of the Falklands ISLE
Bagel flavoring ONION
Bart Simpson's bus driver OTTO
Big name in tillers DEERE
Blues-rock singer RAITT
Boomer advocate AARP
Break off SEVER
Brewer's purchase MALT
Bugs from Bavaria VWS
Burn balm ALOE
Can't forgo NEEDS
Common sushi fish SALMON
Companion COHORT
Contented GLAD
Coup d'__ ETAT
Eclipse descriptor LUNAR
Energy source ATOMS
FAA investigators PLANEPANEL
Fraction of an ounce DRAM
Have markers out OWE
Have status RATE
Hawaiian outrigger OCEANCANOE
Hilton alternative HYATT
Hold a grudge against BEMADAT
Honey bunch BEES
How some sunglasses are made TINTED
In the manner of ALA
Inks on arms, briefly TATS
Internist's imperative STAT
Italian evening SERA
Clues Answers
Japanese cartoons ANIME
Kisser TRAP
Letters like THIS CAPS
Life stories, for short BIOS
Marine's battle cry OORAH
Minimizing ending ETTE
Mocking look SNEER
Most prestigious TOP
Noisy insect CICADA
Off the track ASTRAY
Opposition ENEMY
Oven setting BROIL
Pin in some shirts TIETAC
Pollster's bane BIAS
Prefix for hazard HAP
Rat Pack pal of Frank SAMMY
Scrooge sighting GHOST
Sean of ''Lord of the Rings'' ASTIN
Sentry's stint WATCH
Skins or chips TATERTREAT
Small charged thing ION
Small sofas SETTEES
Small stove HOTPLATE
Sounded coarse RASPED
Stop up DAM
Street shaders ELMS
Sundance Festival state UTAH
Take a wrong turn ERR
Thompson's nanny role MCPHEE
Tilts, as a ship LISTS
Tire business TREADTRADE
Toned HUED
Ukrainian port ODESA
Used as a dining table ATEON
Very soon ANYDAY
Wee-hours flight REDEYE
Where some cats sit LAPS
With color washed out ASHY