- Nov 13 2019

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Clues Answers
''CSI'' forensic evidence DNA
(Had) sketched DRAWN
90-degree shape ELL
Action-film ''buckler'' starter SWASH
Actress Cicely TYSON
Alley howler CAT
And __ (end of advice) GOADIFFERENTWAY
Artist's stand EASEL
Aspiration WISH
At a very fast pace LIKEMAD
Bangkok natives THAIS
Bird on dollar bills EAGLE
Boxer's weapon FIST
Bridal covering VEIL
Bright thought IDEA
Campsite shelters TENTS
Catch sight of ESPY
Challenge authority REBEL
Chocolate source CACAO
Consumers USERS
Convent boss ABBESS
Ctrs. of operations HQS
Demolition rubbish DEBRIS
Department to buy ties MENS
Doesn't leave STAYS
Dog-biting bug FLEA
Dustcloths RAGS
Feeling blue SAD
Fish eggs ROE
Flounder or shark FISH
Gelatin shaper MOLD
Genesis garden EDEN
Go __ . . . (advice, part 2) BACKTOSQUAREONE
Greek war god ARES
Hair-raising EERIE
Harden, as cement SET
Highly objectionable ODIOUS
Home away from home HOTEL
Hooting flyer OWL
Clues Answers
Hotshot pilot ACE
In the lead AHEAD
Initial poker stake ANTE
Jekyll's alter ego HYDE
Leisurely run TROT
Loch monster, affectionately NESSIE
Long-gone flightless bird DODO
Nautical ''Halt!'' AVAST
Negative side of a debate CON
Nuclear physicist Enrico FERMI
Part of TGIF ITS
Perform a role ACT
Physically nimble AGILE
Plumbing annoyance DRIP
Pod veggie PEA
Rustic stopover INN
Sara __ cakes LEE
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Science giant Newton ISAAC
Several AFEW
Solo of ''Star Wars'' HAN
Some golf clubs IRONS
Speak out against DECRY
Sports venue ARENA
Squirrel snack ACORN
Statutes and ordinances LAWS
Subsequently THEN
Sudden increase SPIKE
Sudden police action RAID
Swampy tract MORASS
Sweetie pie HON
Tin Man's accessory OILCAN
To __ . . . (do-over advice, part 1) MAKEAFRESHSTART
Unfilled schedule slot abbr TBA
Used to be WAS
Wall Street buy-and-sell people TRADERS
Winter driving hazard ICE
Wouldn't shut up RANON
Written promise to pay IOU