New York Times - Nov 13 2019

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Clues Answers
'Don't Let the Sun Go Down ___' (Elton John hit) ONME
'My turn to go' IMUP
2015 Verizon acquisition AOL
32-card card game SKAT
401(k) alternative IRA
Abandon, in slang BAG
Bears HAS
Before, in verse ERE
Blind rage APOPLEXY
Candy with a chewy center TOOTSIEPOP
Carnival projectiles that might be directed at parts of this puzzle? BALLOONDARTS
Cause of nose-wrinkling ODOR
City, informally URB
Club requirement DUES
Computer data unit BYTE
Continuing story about life SOAPOPERA
Corner recess NOOK
Creator of Creative Cloud software ADOBE
Dundee denial NAE
Eagerly embraces, as an opportunity LEAPSAT
Eschews the night life STAYSIN
Eyewear, informally SPEX
Fit to be tried, say SANE
Foot, in medical dictionaries PES
Former attorney general Holder ERIC
Got word (of) HEARD
Gracefully thin SVELTE
Graffiti signatures TAGS
High-ranking SENIOR
Iconic Russian department store facing Red Square GUM
In disuse OLD
Inducing an 'Ooh-la-la,' say POSH
It's a little under a football field in area ACRE
Lacto-___ vegetarian OVO
Latches (onto) GLOMS
Like sardines in a can OILY
Linguist Chomsky NOAM
Clues Answers
Low poker holding PAIR
Maker of Colortrak TVs, once RCA
Naysaying ANTI
Nixon daughter TRICIA
Nose decoration STUD
Off the mark ASTRAY
One Direction and OneRepublic POPBANDS
One eating before a king TASTER
One of three in the Buick logo SHIELD
Ones that like to wallow in mud Hippopotamuses
Order since 1868 ELKS
Parable message MORAL
Part of Caesar's boast VENI
Perilous perch LEDGE
Peut-___ (maybe: Fr.) ETRE
Products made by Friedrich, for short ACS
Right away STAT
Role for John Huston in 1966's 'The Bible' GOD
Said three times, a war film about Pearl Harbor TORA
Sign of sadness TEAR
So-called 'Godfather of Punk' IGGYPOP
Some cough remedies SYRUPS
Some jingle writers ADMEN
Spanish direction OESTE
Symbolic flower of Flanders Fields REDPOPPY
The Gaelic 'uisge beatha,' meaning 'water of life,' for 'whiskey' ROOT
Trough call OINK
U.S.S.R.'s Tu-144, e.g SST
Unclasp, as a coin purse SNAPOPEN
Used up, as a well DRY
Verdi work that may include camels AIDA
Way to go ROUTE
Wise (to), in dated slang HEP
Word with cow, dog or horse SEA
Writer Gay TALESE
You, in a billet-doux TOI
Young explorer of TV DORA