The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Abominable snowman YETI
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
Blunder ERROR
Bob Marley's genre REGGAE
Cancel ANNUL
Cheerful song LILT
Cheese attracts insect for short while BRIEFLY
Drink keeps hot in vessel SHIP
Edition ISSUE
Europeans trickle back into health resorts SPANIARDS
Everyday procedure ROUTINE
Exercise garment GYMSLIP
Feud great with gutted Man U beaten ARGUMENT
Flat highland PLATEAU
Frightens SPOOKS
Guy to start with simply-formed tunic GYMSLIP
Heated discussion ARGUMENT
Height of euphoria about English verse ELEVATION
Hostelry INN
Hotel chain needs houses INN
Iberian natives SPANIARDS
Ignoble BASE
In short BRIEFLY
King needs silver cleaner RAG
Clues Answers
Kingdom sends politician into Ireland EMPIRE
Large union Picasso reformed SPACIOUS
Level Paul almost reached around the small hours PLATEAU
Man in swindle is children's writer CRAYON
North-eastern editor twice required NEEDED
Nothing fantastic in Greek letter OMEGA
Number perhaps deviates oddly SEDATIVE
Ocean transport SHIP
Polish worker? RUBBER
Read this at your convenience? GRAFFITI
Realm or dominion EMPIRE
Revoke yearbook — second article dropped ANNUL
Sin or slip ERROR
Soldier out in Egypt holds standard ROUTINE
Some eye timorous bigfoot YETI
Spies are ghosts SPOOKS
Strangely eager to accept good music REGGAE
Susie upset children ISSUE
Tease (informal) RAG
Terribly ill? Time for happy tune! LILT
Tranquilliser SEDATIVE
Wall scribblings GRAFFITI
Wax pencil CRAYON
When to live outside HQ BASE