L.A. Times Daily - Nov 1 2009

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Clues Answers
"Done so fast?" ALREADY
"I shall be there __ you": "King Lear" AFORE
"Miss Pym Disposes" author TEY
"Really cool!" NEATO
"Really!" GEE
"The Banger Sisters" costar HAWN
"Wild Bill" Donovan's WWII org. OSS
"__ Grows in Brooklyn" ATREE
16-Downs, e.g. TOTERS
1990s Toyotas PASEOS
40-day period of penitence LENT
Actor McKellen IAN
Actor Santoni RENI
Alter, as area boundaries REZONE
Alternative to immediate purchase LAYAWAY
As a friend, to Fifi ENAMI
Barnyard female EWE
Become a pair without an affair ELOPE
Behind-the-scenes band worker ROADIE
Big brass TUBAS
Black, to Blake EBON
Bluffing strategies RAISES
Bonding words IDO
Borders for oval paintings? BOWEDFRAMES
Brightest star in Scorpius ANTARES
Candlemaker's monthly receipt? TALLOWORDER
Cara of "Fame" IRENE
Catch, as a dogie LASSO
Chilean cash PESO
Coinage SPECIE
Conception IDEA
Copter's forerunner GIRO
Corn Belt st. NEB
Correspond AGREE
Crones HAGS
Dentist's concern ENAMEL
Dependent RELIANT
Deviousness GUILE
Didn't pay yet OWED
Diminishing returns LESS
Display case ETAGERE
Displayed openly BARED
Distinctive Farrah Fawcett feature? SHOWYLOCKS
Dubuque-to-Chicago dir. ESE
Earth SOIL
Ecclesiastical law expert CANONIST
Enduring symbol ICON
Entr'__: theatrical intervals ACTES
Fermented Japanese brews SAKES
Fits to __ ATEE
Former "SNL" character Father __ Sarducci GUIDO
Former Turkish title PASHA
Frequently OFTEN
Gardeners, at times HOERS
Gets agitated, Bart Simpson-style HASACOW
Give fresh life to RECREATE
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Hanging on by a thread SEWN
Haughty ALOOF
Heaviest modern fencing weapon EPEE
Herbal array, perhaps TEABAGS
Hindu honorific SRI
Hooch holder FLASK
Horrified AGHAST
Houlihan portrayer SWIT
House martins nest under them EAVES
Identity crises? AMNESIAS
Illinois-based brewery PABST
Clues Answers
In front AHEAD
Including Monopoly money in a trousseau? DOWRYHUMOR
Island folk magic OBEAH
Jackson was the first to become pres. DEM
Jalapeño feature TILDE
Key to getting out of trouble? ESC
Know somehow INTUIT
Laundry basketful LOAD
Like some elephants ASIATIC
Magna __ CARTA
Massage deeply ROLF
Menial worker PEON
Mention casually SLIPIN
Mentor's charge PROTEGE
Methods of separating chaff from grain? WINNOWINGWAYS
Mild Dutch cheese EDAM
Most populous African country NIGERIA
Nick and Nora's pooch ASTA
Nitrogen compound AMINE
Normandy battle site STLO
Observe covertly SPY
On a liner, e.g. ASEA
One at a brayer meeting? ASS
People afraid of playing the stock market? TRADINGCOWARDS
Pills, briefly MEDS
Pinot __ GRIS
Prefix with bar ISO
Pretender SEEMER
Program producing pop-ups ADWARE
Prosperity WEAL
Proverb ending? IAL
Put an end to ABOLISHED
Regular guys STEADIES
Response to being cut off HONK
Returning lover's question MISSME
Rocket stage BOOSTER
Rollerblading partner of movie camera pioneer Bell? HOWELLONWHEELS
Sacramento's ARCO __ ARENA
Scot's cap TAM
Search __: online aid ENGINE
Share a border with ABUT
Sharp barks YAPS
She played Honey Ryder in "Dr. No" ANDRESS
Single show EPISODE
Some antique radios RCAS
Son of Seth ENOS
Sources of cabinet wood ALDERS
Speech stumbles UHS
Spouses of sports nuts, facetiously WIDOWS
State as true AVER
State bordering eight others: Abbr. TENN
Ted Williams wore it NINE
Tennis wear item SNEAKER
The Mideast's __ Strip GAZA
Trusted adviser GURU
Trying experience ORDEAL
TV producer Norman and a tragic king LEARS
Use Google, e.g. BROWSE
What the heirs split ESTATE
Wheel correction ALIGNMENT
Where the uvea is EYE
Whimpered PULED
With it HIP
Wrath IRE
Yarn units SKEINS
__ avis RARA
__ homo ECCE
__ Karate: old aftershave HAI