Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 13 2019

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Clues Answers
Barman holds view raised by snaky types CREEPS
Believers dismiss evils of the devil's buttermilk perhaps BEER
Crafty type retires from Russian body - losing a leader comes as a shock TRAUMA
Dirges from recordings taken from The Field by the farmers CORN
Fool of doctor finds vermin back in Ireland IMBECILE
Freer movement around blunder produced by doctor recommending a colleague REFERRER
Has an appreciation for what goes into port and its make up? EYELINER
Held leaving Sheffield with musical instruments FIFES
Is always the last to arrive, as it's never discussed in history class FUTURE
It reminds a boss to manage ADMINISTER
Knock back beer with women in challenge in America DELAWARE
Mark's successor gets Capital Punishment for extreme crime in our community EUROPE
No sense in Messenger offering the start of an idea GERM
Offended by mess up that's key to 14 across RUFFLEDFEATHERS
Clues Answers
Offer includes writing by Hawk BIRD
Organisation absolved, not exonerated UNFORGIVEN
Phone in for those looking for temporary accommodation? MOBILEHOME
Pilots not part of relationship - on a human level, it's a sign of rupture HERNIA
Retires, presumably, as the Arabian, for one, goes out? HITSTHEHAY
Snake in square pot TURN
Something for someone who won't be patient at night in the guest quarters DAYBED
Take over State grassland - it's the popular thing to do STEPIN
The fears unravelling in Down FEATHERS
Those in The House listening to The Speaker AUDIENCE
To follow orders, G-man leaves moneybag OBEY
Trim army group on report for going on bender in the general's regimental outfits UNIFORMS
Turns up, Sally got awards at university with a number of writers synonymous with the Daily Record DIARISTS
What one of those WAGS is capable of will make you laugh HUMOUR