Wall Street Journal - Nov 11 2019 - Reading Between The Lines

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Clues Answers
“Cryptonomicon” author Stephenson NEAL
“The Thinker” sculptor RODIN
*Dating option PERSONALAD
*Like some markets and concerts OPENAIR
*One corner on a Monopoly board FREEPARKING
1965 march site SELMA
Animal’s home DEN
Attached, as a ribbon TIEDON
Auxiliary wager SIDEBET
Bed-and-breakfast INN
Beehive State native UTE
Blasts of wind GUSTS
Bothers a bedmate, perhaps SNORES
Broccoli ___ (leafy vegetable) RABE
By way of VIA
Campaigner, for short POL
Candle total AGE
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Clear, as a windshield DEFOG
Cosine’s reciprocal SECANT
Dale Earnhardt is in its Hall of Fame NASCAR
Davis of “Do the Right Thing” OSSIE
Deli jarful DILLS
Dining option ALFRESCO
Early autos REOS
Evictee from Eden ADAM
Excellent FINE
Extent SCOPE
Fish with a dragged net TRAWL
Float on the breeze WAFT
From Bhutan or Bangladesh, say ASIAN
German industrial city ESSEN
Get together MEET
Harris and Helms EDS
Highway: Abbr RTE
Lennon’s love ONO
Like some mushrooms EDIBLE
Clues Answers
Local citizen RESIDENT
Lounging garment ROBE
Luggage attachments TAGS
Mathematician Turing ALAN
N. Mex. neighbor ARIZ
Ninnies DODOS
Org. that puts its seal on toothpaste tubes ADA
Overdue debts ARREARS
Period of history ERA
Place for a mud bath and massage SPA
Plucks, as eyebrows TWEEZES
Police officer’s zapper TASER
Primary MAIN
Punctuation before a list COLON
Second of two LATTER
Sister store of Banana Republic GAP
Skiers’ accommodations LODGE
Song for a diva ARIA
South Africa’s Mandela NELSON
Sport with mallets POLO
Stretching one’s neck CRANING
Swindle CON
Take advantage of USE
Tavern BAR
Thunderstruck AWED
Title for Lancelot SIR
Train for a bout SPAR
Unmarried SINGLE
Up to the task ABLE
Watch face DIAL
Wear the crown RULE
Word of woe ALAS
Word processing option, and a hint to what can follow the words of the starred answers DOUBLESPACE
Yellow fellow COWARD
___ Bismol PEPTO