Universal - Nov 11 2019

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Clues Answers
"A Raisin in the Sun," for one PLAY
"Breakout" game maker ATARI
"Family Ties" mom ELYSE
"Live Young" water brand EVIAN
"Mm-hmm" YES
"___ luck!" LOTSA
*2004 Christmas film THEPOLAREXPRESS
*Like a certain Israeli-Palestinian peace solution TWOSTATE
*You might file one after a fire Insuranceclaim
1.75"-long batteries AAAS
A ways away FAR
As per ___ USUAL
Back-comb TEASE
Before, in sonnets ERE
Bespangle or bejewel ADORN
Bolt cutter target CHAIN
British business abbr LTD
Classic lemon candies DROPS
Cold sound ACHOO
Coll. course duration, often SEM
Comedian Steven WRIGHT
Comic book installment ISSUE
Crack military pilot AIRACE
Crunchy sandwich initials BLT
Dame's counterpart SIR
Decorated with a pastry bag, say ICED
Difficulty only you can relate to MEPROBLEM
Fancy eggs ROE
Forensic science letters CSI
Free (of) RID
Friend PAL
Fudge the facts LIE
Group before millennials, briefly GENX
Hair-covering garment HEADSCARF
Inundates SWAMPS
Jambalaya cousin PAELLA
Judge's mallet GAVEL
Clues Answers
Kids are supposed to lose them TEETH
Knife type BOWIE
L.A.'s ___ Air BEL
Lead-in to "latte" CAFFE
Letters that bookend "Nora Ephron" ENS
Like mummies DEAD
Like pink hair DYED
Marathoner's concern PACING
Marketing guys ADMEN
Moving long-distance, e.g ORDEAL
Mule : stubborn :: fox : ___ SLY
Nothing more than SIMPLY
Obtain GET
Oktoberfest country: Abbr GER
Overly, informally TOOTOO
Pauper's literary look-alike PRINCE
Perfumery smells SCENTS
Polynesian Disney protagonist MOANA
Pre-hosp. care providers EMTS
Quaker leader PENN
Shares on Twitter, briefly RTS
Show off FLAUNT
Singer Mann AIMEE
Some electric shavers BRAUNS
Supported, as a petition SIGNED
Thoughtless action? REFLEX
Topples from power OUSTS
Transplanted grass SOD
Ultimate authority, or a hint to the starred answers FINALSAY
Way of operating MODE
What a flare can mean SOS
Where the original Hollywood Sign was sold EBAY
Whitish stuff on bacon FAT
Yeardley's role on "The Simpsons" LISA
___ ballerina PRIMA
___ Chi (psychology honor society) PSI
___ out (stop listening) TUNE
___-Mex TEX