The Washington Post - Nov 11 2019

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Clues Answers
'I understand now' AHSO
'If only' IWISH
'No prob' SURE
'Where have you __?' BEEN
'Why are you laughing?' WHATSSOFUNNY
2004-2011 TV series about firefighters RESCUEME
Actress Falco EDIE
Actress Hagen UTA
Add (a player) to the poker game DEALIN
Altar affirmative IDO
Apiece EACH
Apple's virtual assistant SIRI
Auditioner's goal ROLE
Author Morrison TONI
Bangkok native THAI
Bric-a-__ BRAC
British sports car, familiarly JAG
Captain, e.g RANK
Carefree GAY
Clod chopper HOE
Cold and damp DANK
Composer Ned ROREM
Core exercise system PILATES
Country with fjords: Abbr NOR
Craftsy website ETSY
Crime boss John known as 'The Teflon Don' GOTTI
Czech capital city PRAGUE
Day to beware IDES
Dead __: look-alike RINGER
Drink sampling SIP
Egg on SPUR
End of a proverb embodied by three monkeys SPEAKNOEVIL
Episodic story SERIAL
Go along with AGREETO
Inside look at a hospital? XRAY
Irish allegiance shout ERINGOBRAGH
Jimmy Carter's middle name EARL
Letter after kappa LAMBDA
Clues Answers
Letter before kappa IOTA
Like 1,225-page 'War and Peace' LONG
Like a bug in a rug SNUG
Make used (to) ENURE
Many millennia EON
Mexican 'other' OTRO
Mike Trout's team ANGELS
Milne's 'The House at __ Corner' POOH
Minn. neighbor NDAK
Nays' opposites YEAS
Nick at __ NITE
Norwegian saint OLAF
Ousted Iranian leader SHAH
Over-easy item EGG
Passover meals SEDERS
Police car warning SIREN
Quaint exclamation BYJOVE
Refill, as a partly drunk drink TOPUP
Regarding ABOUT
Regret RUE
Rock's __ Speedwagon REO
Sarcastic 'Could that be more obvious?' YOUTHINK
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Scratches (out) EKES
Sheepless nursery rhyme character LITTLEBOPEEP
Sign on a new store NOWOPEN
Spaghetti sauce brand RAGU
Spy __ Hari MATA
Streaming delay TIMELAG
Tokyo dough YEN
Twins Ashley and Mary-Kate OLSENS
Typical dinner hr SIXPM
Usain Bolt race pace SPRINT
WWII female WAC
__ legs: rear pair HIND
__ tube: TV BOOB
__-shouldered BROAD