- Nov 11 2019

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Clues Answers
''I'd be glad to'' YES
''Outer space'' prefix for -naut ASTRO
''Right away!'' in a memo ASAP
506, in Roman numerals DVI
Attorney's writing tablet LEGALPAD
Baseball player's topper CAP
Bits of heredity GENES
Bridge-crossing fee TOLL
Brims of caps VISORS
Bring home from an animal shelter ADOPT
Brothers, to Mom and Dad SONS
Car's wheel-connecting rod AXLE
Centers of hurricanes EYES
Color slightly TINT
Confident poker player's declaration IRAISE
Cornered, as a wild animal ATBAY
Courtroom boss JUDGE
Cuts off, as branches LOPS
Daybreak, poetically MORN
Dental exam picture XRAY
First part of a play ACTI
Fly by oneself SOLO
Fly high SOAR
Freeze over, as a windshield ICEUP
Fruit symbol of Georgia PEACH
Fruity dessert that's puréed APPLESAUCE
How something looks APPEARANCE
In addition ALSO
In attendance ONHAND
In this place HERE
Install, as a sidewalk PAVE
Kids' ballfields SANDLOTS
Largest continent ASIA
Liquid in a deep fryer HOTOIL
Machine wheel with teeth GEAR
Make angry RILE
Marine __ (armed services branch) CORPS
Mark who created Huck Finn TWAIN
Clues Answers
Narrow street LANE
Natural skin balm ALOE
New parents' celebration BIRTH
Nile queen, for short CLEO
Not too good SOSO
Nothing at all NIL
Office bigwig, for short EXEC
Oozes out SEEPS
Opera song for a soprano ARIA
Packs fully FILLS
Parcel of land PLOT
Path for a train TRACK
Person who alters clothing TAILOR
Piece of parsley SPRIG
Piece of window glass PANE
Plow-pulling bovines OXEN
Prefix meaning ''against'' CONTRA
Prosecutors: Abbr DAS
Résumé submitters APPLICANTS
Road-surfacing material TAR
Run through a credit card machine SWIPE
Sandwich breads with seeds RYES
Say grace, for example PRAY
Solemn ceremony RITE
Sound of jammed-on brakes SCREECH
Sound-boosting boxes, for short AMPS
The teeth of an 18 Across COGS
Threesome TRIO
Top of a house ROOF
Traditional Irish dance JIG
Tree with cones PINE
Untrustworthy person ROGUE
Untrustworthy person KNAVE
Very funny person RIOT
Waterproof coverings TARPS
Worker learning a trade APPRENTICE
Wrinkle-removing appliance IRON
Yacht race REGATTA
__ days (days of yore) OLDEN