The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Absolute wreck TOTAL
Aggregate TOTAL
Alcoholic drink LAGER
Aviator PILOT
Backed rather sordid info PC holds DATABASE
Berserk AMOK
Bite from enraged gentleman EDGE
Border EDGE
Captivate ENAMOUR
Charlie in English plane to bail out EJECT
Chin also remodelled for this man NICHOLAS
Coffin support BIER
Computer record DATABASE
Dean set out for docks area East End
Defenceless but intact in Albert Square? UNARMED
Dukes in anger posing cryptic question RIDDLE
Eccentric FREAK
Expert involves student in deception BLUFF
Ferocious FIERCE
Figurine DOLL
Frenzied in the morning all right AMOK
German booze stand at wake BIER
Husband or wife SPOUSE
In peak configuration, senior boy adopts name HIGHLAND
Intense fire destroyed church FIERCE
Interloper popular with Anakin Skywalker INVADER
Clues Answers
Itinerant person VAGRANT
Legally acceptable VALID
Locks up quartet missing feminine charm ENAMOUR
London district East End
Male name NICHOLAS
Mountainous district HIGHLAND
Party line taken by student Ken, or Barbie? DOLL
Perform surgery OPERATE
Perhaps Mother Goose finds insect LADYBIRD
Political opposites saving time for beer LAGER
Pond life in a gale disrupted ALGAE
Raider or intruder INVADER
Run round gym with speed OPERATE
Runs through IMPALES
Scheme to involve one banking expert? PILOT
Seaweed ALGAE
Spikes beer imbibed by troublemakers IMPALES
Spotted beetle LADYBIRD
Steep promontory BLUFF
Terribly rude, in conclusion, tolerated ENDURED
Tramp stuffs relative into barrel VAGRANT
Unusual monster FREAK
Venerate REVERE
Volume dial tweaked sound VALID
Weaponless UNARMED
Withstood ENDURED
Works coming up — employ partner SPOUSE
Worship at all times in Religious Education REVERE