New York Times - Nov 1 2009

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Clues Answers
'As You Like It' setting ARDEN
'As ___ Dying' ILAY
'Bill ___ History of the United States' NYES
'Dona ___ and Her Two Husbands' FLOR
'Happy Days' role RALPH
'Lux et Veritas' collegian YALIE
'Maybe' music? PERHAPSODY
'The Big Country,' for one OATER
'The Human Stain' novelist ROTH
'This I Promise You' group, 2000 NSYNC
'Uh-uh' NODICE
'___ Can Cook' (onetime PBS show) YAN
1946 John Hersey book HIROSHIMA
1989 Madonna hit OHFATHER
60 minuti ORA
97.5% of a penny ZINC
Afflicts AILS
Age-old robbers' target TOMB
Area code 801 area UTAH
Backrub response AAH
Barack Obama, for one ORATOR
Belief of about 1 1/2 billion ISLAM
Big Super Bowl expense TVAD
Blacken CHAR
Bluff bit CRAG
Boombox button REC
Botanist Gray and others ASAS
Broadway, say THESTAGE
Bug that never takes a ride? CENTIPEDESTRIAN
Candid, maybe PHOTO
Christianity, e.g.: Abbr. REL
City near Düsseldorf ESSEN
Common cause of a 3-Down BEER
Coward with a pen NOEL
Desert stream WADI
Detente THAW
Detest ABHOR
Deux of these are better than one TETES
Director, writer and actor in 'The Woman in Red,' 1984 WILDER
Dormant Turkish volcano ARARAT
Dreams that don't die? FOREVERIES
Emulate a grandparent, maybe DOTE
Eng. or Span. LANG
Eyewear providing hindsight? RETROSPECTACLES
Fairy tale sister ROSERED
Follower of each or no OTHER
Form of the Egyptian god Thoth APE
Fountain order SODA
French town VILLE
Game in which a player may be schneidered SKAT
Give up smuggled goods? CONTRABANDON
Give ___ on the back APAT
Gives up on SCRAPS
Go over and over REHASH
Greatly reduced HALFPRICE
Guards against chapping LIPBALMS
Had as a base WASON
Hannibal of 'The Silence of the Lambs' LECTER
Hearing aids, briefly PAS
High-school athletic star at a casino? ROULETTERMAN
Hunt's 'Mad About You' co-star REISER
Indian government of 1858-1947 RAJ
Inexpensive pen BIC
Intermittent revolutionary? SPORADICAL
iPhone download APP
Clues Answers
It comes before the carte ALA
Japanese financial center OSAKA
Job precursor: Abbr. ESTH
Kind of bean CACAO
Leader against the Aztecs CORTES
Lever or level TOOL
Like many an oath SOLEMN
Like online medical advice for kids? WIKIPEDIATRIC
Like some stock market highs and lows INTRADAY
Limo, e.g. CAR
Mad man? NEUMAN
Man's name meaning 'young man' SVEN
Manage, with 'out' EKE
Mettle or metal STEEL
Mings, e.g. VASES
Mint NEW
New York politico Andrew CUOMO
Not exciting TAME
Not fun at all ADRAG
Old TWA hub: Abbr. STL
One of three brothers in the Old West EARP
Opposite of plus PETITE
Parisian roll call response ICI
Pause producer COMMA
Peachy-keen JUSTDANDY
Peanut-loving ghost? ELEPHANTOM
Poker star Phil IVEY
Pompom holder TAM
Popinjay FOP
Post a modern status update TWEET
Put away EAT
Quilt filler BATT
Repeated a Benjamin Franklin electrical experiment FLEWAKITE
Restrain BATE
River areas named for their shape DELTAS
Runner Budd ZOLA
Sammy Davis Jr. autobiography YESICAN
Sci. specialty ECOL
Simile words ASAN
Softly PIANO
Some extra books APOCRYPHA
Some I.R.A.'s CDS
Some sushi bar orders MISOS
Source of a 'giant sucking sound,' according to Ross Perot NAFTA
Sporty Toyota CELICA
Strip, sand and stain REFINISH
Swamp thing SEDGE
Swimmer Diana NYAD
They've got promise COMERS
Three or four AFEW
Tommie of the Amazins AGEE
Trading unit ONELOT
Tugboat services TOWS
Use, say EFILE
Vegetable that gives you an emotional release? CATHARTICHOKE
What 'two' meant, historically BYSEA
White ones are little LIES
Word from Antony to Cleopatra AMO
___ area METRO
___ gratification EGO
___ premium ATA