- Nov 10 2019

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Clues Answers
''12 Days of Christmas'' milkers MAIDS
''Anything __?'' ELSE
''Brain'' of a PC CPU
''Now __ seen everything!'' IVE
''Odds __ . . .'' ARE
''Sad to say . . .'' ALAS
''Sesame Street,'' Bill Nye shows, etc EDUTAINMENT
10 Down's habitat OCEAN
10th-century explorer ERIK
4 Down times 3 THRICE
Admonishing sounds TSKS
Anwar of Egypt SADAT
At an angle SLOPED
Ate like a chicken PECKED
Back muscle, for short LAT
Barbecue fuel COALS
Barker in Oz TOTO
Beats it SCRAMS
Bilingual tongue SPANGLISH
Bowled over AWED
Brewmaster's grain BARLEY
Buffet patron's burden PLATE
Car seat user CHILD
Carefree state EASE
Challenge for economists STAGFLATION
Champs-Élyseés eateries CAFES
Clinging crustacean BARNACLE
Coleridge title character MARINER
Collectible animation CELS
Comics bark ARF
Common party time, briefly BDAY
Component of cake mixes FLOUR
Concert venue ARENA
Convergence points FOCI
Cranky CROSS
Crinkly party paper CREPE
Crisp snack APPLE
Cupid alias EROS
Deck treatments STAINS
Desert havens OASES
Destructive precipitation HAIL
Disloyal FALSE
Domineering IMPERIAL
Dustcloth RAG
Dutch South Africans BOERS
Eden outcast ADAM
Emulated mockingly APED
Energized, so to speak AMPED
Energized, so to speak GOGO
File away STORE
Financial assistance LOAN
First Nobel Prize sharers CURIES
Fleeting BRIEF
Garden center stock SOIL
Generic canine FIDO
German port KIEL
Halftime performers BAND
Haul in NAB
Hernando's ''Huh?'' COMO
High praise in print RAVE
Honey lover BEAR
Hospitality recipient GUEST
HP printer rival EPSON
Iced coffee brand FRAPPUCCINO
Idolize ADORE
In footwear SHOD
In-box arrival MEMO
India's movie industry BOLLYWOOD
Keenness of voice EDGE
Lacking vitality EFFETE
Lasting mark SCAR
Less experienced GREENER
Levels to the ground RAZES
Clues Answers
Light from a pointer LASER
Long-necked instrument LUTE
Low poker card TREY
Male deliveries SONS
Management levels TIERS
Marines battle cry OORAH
Missouri's __ range OZARK
Mosque title IMAM
Municipal URBAN
Narrow path LANE
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
Never to be repeated ONCE
New Deal agcy NRA
New sorority member, maybe SOPH
No longer away HOME
Not quite dry DAMP
Off-the-neck hair UPDOS
Officeholder POL
One living near Yankee Stadium BRONXITE
One of the performing arts BALLET
Paranormal ability ESP
Perform in a skit, say ACT
Philosopher Descartes RENE
Piglet's pop BOAR
Plumlike fruit SLOE
Pop singer/songwriter King CAROLE
Popular ''designer dog'' LABRADOODLE
Port of Yemen ADEN
Prayer beads ROSARIES
Prefix like equi- ISO
Prone to dust storms ARID
QB's successes TDS
Ready for a rest TIRED
Ready to eat DONE
Really great FANTABULOUS
Really huge GINORMOUS
Region by the Red Sea SINAI
Relinquishes by treaty CEDES
Remotely FAR
Returns org IRS
Rio ''hello'' OLA
Romantic ''emozione'' AMORE
Rounds for arms AMMO
Sales force REPS
See 112 Across OUT
Sideshow worker CARNY
Sitar pieces RAGAS
Slackens off ABATES
Something under a sink PIPE
Southwestern tie BOLO
Speak from a podium ORATE
Stood ROSE
Styling center SALON
Sweet Spanish wine MALAGA
Tablet reading of a sort EMAG
Tailbone COCCYX
Take the odds BET
Techs' customers USERS
Threshold BRINK
Tip-jar contents ONES
Type of camera: Abbr SLR
UCLA athletes BRUINS
UFO pilots ETS
Verse ''to'' something ODE
Videographer's buy CAMCORDER
Weasley at Hogwarts RON
With 53 Across, apportions METES
Young son LAD
Zero, in soccer NIL
__ Baba ALI
__ Dhabi ABU
__-loading (racer's ritual) CARBO