The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 10 2019

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Clues Answers
As soon as ONCE
Ceremonial march PARADE
Chicken wearing hat? CAPON
Continent AMERICA
Cruel treatment in LA bus examined ABUSE
Dad conserving energy as climber PEA
Diadem TIARA
Exciting experience ADVENTURE
Farm animal in stew extracted EWE
Fattened cockerel CAPON
Female sheep EWE
Found in Helvetia, rather small crown TIARA
Free trade: put your foot down TREAD
Gold in mart potentially producing shock TRAUMA
Great number into fighting over stream TRILLION
Heredity unit GENE
Hinted at IMPLICIT
Impressed by plane's last uncontrolled flight STAMPEDE
Indistinct UNCLEAR
Inflection TONE
Kiss and cuddle (informal) SMOOCH
Maltreat ABUSE
Married man in AA in country AMERICA
Obscure relative by a river UNCLEAR
One million million TRILLION
Clues Answers
Orchard fruit APPLE
Padre mad to host a procession PARADE
Passenger vehicle TRAMCAR
Pet's low note breaking silence SMOOCH
Phoned head of electrical chain RANGE
Pizza topping PEPPERONI
Plug stops leak in daring exploit ESCAPADE
Porter perhaps holding 2p for Granny Smith? APPLE
Previously in concealment ONCE
Right to accept son is to succeed PROSPER
Risk coming by river ADVENTURE
Singer's asset RANGE
Skilled worker Sinatra employed ARTISAN
Son of Leah and Jacob LEVI
Spiced sausage p-pioneer p-prepared PEPPERONI
Sudden rush STAMPEDE
Tarmac damaged initially robust vehicle TRAMCAR
Terribly vile patriarch LEVI
This many in old county division? HUNDRED
Time, lunchtime perhaps, sets mood TONE
Trained technician ARTISAN
Tyre pattern TREAD
Understood I am allowed to keep parking IMPLICIT
Utah neighbour and Eva dancing NEVADA
Vegetable PEA
Wilder perhaps in village nearby GENE