Universal - Nov 9 2019

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Clues Answers
"Did they leave without me?" AMITOOLATE
"Holy smokes!" MYGOD
"My Gal ___" (Rita Hayworth musical) SAL
"Pretty please?" CANI
"Scat, cat!" SHOO
"___ a good time for you?" WHENS
"___ is me!" WOE
$35, for Park Place RENT
(Over here!) PSST
*Hands-on environmental activist ECARRIOR
*He sought courage in Oz CARDLYLION
*Textured home surface STUCCALL
A single time ONCE
A student's blemish BPLUS
Acknowledges silently NODSAT
Afro and dreads DOS
Annoying person TWIT
At a reduced cost ONSALE
Black sheep's cry, in rhyme BAABAA
Boom box, e.g STEREO
Cain's brother ABEL
Call with a programmed number AUTODIAL
Came back through a tunnel, perhaps ECHOED
CAPTCHA failer (hopefully) BOT
Certain shirts POLOS
Chicago airport code ORD
Clump of gum, e.g GOB
Clumps of gum WADS
Comes in ENTERS
Completely absorbed by, as a good book DEEPINTO
Control a bumper car STEER
Devices that draw or inject SYRINGES
Diva's chance to shine ARIA
Frowny faces SCOWLS
Gaza grp PLO
Group of nine ENNEAD
Irritable sort CRAB
Clues Answers
It might hit the bull's-eye DART
Largely apocryphal rural pastime demonstrated in each starred answer? COWTIPPING
Livestock hazard LOCOWEED
Long workday, say TENHOURS
Look after TEND
Lure into crime ENTRAP
Maker of Orange You a Rock Star? nail polish OPI
Matriculate ENROLL
Mom-and-___ POP
Nigeria's largest city LAGOS
One with a growth mindset? GARDENER
Only number that can be typed with a keyboard's top row TWO
Org. that helped publicize "Consider the Lobster" PETA
Parlor pic TAT
Perfect places EDENS
Quick punch JAB
Raging violently ONARAMPAGE
Rarin' to go GUNGHO
Reason to roll out a tarp RAIN
Repetitive condition, briefly OCD
Score 100% on ACE
Shrinks in fear COWERS
Snake that can weigh more than 550 pounds ANACONDA
Spoiled sort BRAT
Structural support over an opening LINTEL
Team list ROSTER
Total stud ADONIS
Uproar DIN
Viscous and sticky GLUEY
Visibly excited AGOG
Volkswagen model JETTA
Wave crest WHITECAP
Word before "Kapital" or "Boot" DAS
Work hard for EARN
You may adjust its tuners for tunes RADIO
___ assembly required SOME