Wall Street Journal - Nov 9 2019 - Metamorphosis

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Clues Answers
“Ain’t never gonna happen!” NOHOW
“American Gods” author NEILGAIMAN
“Chicago” actor GERE
“Diana” singer ANKA
“Grisham’s a hack! He’ll never write a book as good as ‘Presumed Innocent’!” e.g.? TUROWSHADE
“Indeed!” YES
“Midsommar” director Aster ARI
“Noir Alley” network TCM
“Turn! Turn! Turn!” songwriter SEEGER
1958’s Corsair, e.g EDSEL
1990s sitcom on the Beeb ABFAB
2020 candidate Bullock STEVE
@BigBird messages, e.g TWEETS
Accomplished people DOERS
Affordable copy of “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”? CHEAPYEATS
Aldrich Ames, e.g CIASPY
Amazon Fire rival IPAD
Articles of faith TENETS
Battleship? BOATOFARMS
Bewildered LOST
Big name in haute couture DIOR
Biological encoder DNA
Bleakly cold RAW
Boardroom bigwig CEO
Bonny miss LASS
Brian’s replacement on “NBC Nightly News” LESTER
Broccoli ___ (turnip relative) RABE
Brother of Adam and Little Joe HOSS
Buster MAC
Chargeless particles NEUTRINOS
Church doctrines CANONS
Clairvoyant types SEERS
Cocktail also called a blanc-cassis KIR
Colony raider ANTEATER
Comic bit GAG
Components of some KFC orders PEPSIS
Concord, e.g GRAPE
Crawl like a crab SIDLE
Crew team OARS
Crushed the midterm ACEDIT
Curl target, informally BICEP
Distinctive smell ODOR
Down-home FOLKSY
Emmy-winning role for Valerie RHODA
Executive at Lipton? TEAOFFICER
Fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini ERAGON
Field unit ACRE
Flavoring in Cedilla liqueur ACAI
Flight feature STEP
Flip out, and then some GOBERSERK
Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter and Joey THERATPACK
Frequent Kwik-E-Mart customer HOMER
Fully fulfill SATE
Future cop CADET
Gallaudet Univ. course ASL
Gamblers’ notes CHITS
Gentle touch PAT
Glum drop TEAR
Grueling motorcycle race ENDURO
Hangzhou “hello” NIHAO
Hartsfield-Jackson’s airport code ATL
Herculean effort? LABORS
High points ACMES
Hog holders STIES
Itinerary word VIA
Jah follower RASTA
Job for a gob BOSUN
Jordans, e.g NIKES
Clues Answers
Kanye, to Chicago DAD
Knee injury site, often ACL
Knights’ titles SIRS
LBJ’s first attorney general RFK
Life stage originally represented by the circled letters, prior to metamorphosis PUPA
Like some flares SOLAR
Like some sprays NASAL
Lunches and brunches REPASTS
Man without manners CHURL
Max Scherzer’s team NATS
McConaughey’s co-star in “The Dark Tower” ELBA
Memoir bits ANECDOTES
Mint plant CHIA
Mississippi Delta fish MUDCAT
Mortgage, e.g LOAN
Negotiation pro AGENT
New York governor CUOMO
Not glossy MATTE
Oatmeal kin BEIGE
One might be framed in a painter’s studio ARTDEGREE
One might be lent or bent EAR
Opposite of effective? CAUSAL
Painters of “Water Lilies” forgeries? MONETMAKERS
Patron of Venice STMARK
Pet sound ARF
Post-traumatic stress from spending all day assembling IKEA furniture? SHELFSHOCK
Prankster’s projectile EGG
Present GIFT
Prix fixe feature, by definition SETRATE
Professional shooters SLRS
Prohibition, e.g ERA
Publisher’s insert ERRATAPAGE
Rapper Lil ___ X NAS
Release vapors into the air OUTGAS
Resulted in LEDTO
Ritz crackers alternatives HIHOS
Sch. in Charlottesville UVA
Serengeti stalker LION
Shiners first sold in 1979 MAGLITES
Sign of balance? LIBRA
Sinbad’s milieu SEVENSEAS
Singer Stefani GWEN
Slender probe STYLET
Slight sound PEEP
Snoopy’s alter ego Joe Cool, et al.? CHILLDOGS
Sound heard when hell freezes over? MIRACLEBRR
Structured plan SCHEMA
Sultanate on the Arabian Peninsula OMAN
Talking the talk without walking the walk LIPSERVICE
Tattooist’s target SKIN
Televised coin tosser, often REF
Terrarium growth MOSS
The ’rents and the rest FAM
Tijuana tavern CANTINA
Tilted text, briefly ITAL
Titular ship in a sci-fi series GALACTICA
Tropical sorbet choice GUAVA
Troubled times CRISES
Tubes in trunks AORTAE
TV monitor FCC
Two-time Wimbledon champ Murray ANDY
Visionary? OPTIC
Where Venus Flytrap deejayed WKRP
Whitney who graduated from Yale, appropriately ELI
With eyes wide open ALERT
Word on many mall maps HERE
Writer actively avoiding synonyms? ROGETDODGER
Wyoming county that includes Jackson Hole TETON
___ Gatos LOS
___ Lanka SRI