L.A. Times Daily - Nov 8 2019

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Clues Answers
"After this, no more questions" LASTONE
"Don't Bring Me Down" gp ELO
"Downton Abbey" countess CORA
"I speak the truth" ITISSO
"Jo's Boys" author ALCOTT
"See the ___ clear'd, and then we will depart": "King Henry VI" COAST
"Storage Wars" network AANDE
"The L Word" co-creator Chaiken ILENE
"Who __?": New Orleans Saints chant DAT
"Whoop-de-doo" OHFUN
"You __ devil!" SLY
2003 holiday film ELF
Actor Cage, casually NIC
Agitated UPSET
Alicia Keys record label RCA
Allen of Vermont ETHAN
Avoided a family affair, perhaps ELOPED
Barista's occupational hazards? COFFEEBURNS
Beach pest SANDFLY
Boxer's boxers TRUNKS
Brand munched by E.T REESES
Burns wrote one on a louse ODE
Carefree adventure LARK
Checked the latest blog entry, say READAPOST
Comparison of a motor coach to all other travel options? BUSVERSUSTHEM
Compassionate words WECARE
Deftly WELL
E.M. Forster's "__ End" HOWARDS
Emulate a nightingale WARBLE
Fabled beast ASS
Foot condition seen in oaters? WESTERNBUNION
Frying medium LARD
Fur-loving de Vil CRUELLA
Gershwin classic SWANEE
Giant among Giants OTT
Gold __ BAR
Golden __ AGER
Clues Answers
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Head for the hills FLEE
Ike's WWII command ETO
It may be hard to keep SECRET
IV units CCS
Lee follower REB
Less fresh STALER
Little tunneler ANT
Long-nosed fish GAR
Many a heist BANKJOB
Needle front? ACU
O'er and o'er OFT
Ones from afar ALIENS
Opposite of momentary ETERNAL
Played a piccolo-like instrument FIFED
Prefix with laryngology OTO
Put on a pedestal ADULATE
Reason for a cover-up? MODESTY
Require for success HINGEON
See 11-Across ANOUT
Sharp answers RETORTS
State hwy., often TPK
StubHub parent EBAY
Synagogue storage cabinets ARKS
T'ai __ CHI
Tahiti, to Gauguin ILE
Throws the game TANKS
Thunderstruck AWED
Took to the cleaners FLEECED
Total confusion at the creamery? BUTTERCHAOS
TX library honoree LBJ
Visit the engine room, perhaps GOBELOW
Want badly CRAVE
With 29-Down, anticipates potential trouble HAS
Without markup ATCOST
__ Arc, Arkansas DES