Universal - Nov 8 2019

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Clues Answers
"Blue Bloods" star Will ESTES
"Goodnight" girl of song IRENE
"Now," on a medical drama STAT
"Rubaiyat" poet Khayyam OMAR
"This is no joke!" IMEANIT
"___ Rae" (Sally Field film) NORMA
Actress Suvari MENA
Amazes AWES
As a result ERGO
Asian shrines PAGODAS
Atomizer output MIST
Backstabber RAT
Bothersome PESTY
Branch headquarters? NEST
Brazilian dance SAMBA
Canine's canine FANG
Channel changers REMOTES
Chinese flower named for a hot drink TEAROSE
Cold shower? SLEET
Common allergen POLLEN
Cooking meas TSP
Crunchy barbecue side SLAW
Dallas baller MAV
Didn't have enough OWED
Dior creation ALINE
Eighty, in the Gettysburg Address FOURSCORE
Elite Navy member who's ready for action? TRAINEDSEAL
Factions SECTS
Fleur-de-___ LIS
Former finance expert Ken or Daria DOLAN
Guys who drive taxis CABMEN
Iowa State site AMES
Is inclined (to) TENDS
Kind of D.A ASST
Kind of wave TIDAL
King of Asgard ODIN
Clues Answers
Lamb's rhyming relative RAM
Led an international relief agency? MANAGEDCARE
Less wobbly STABLER
Like parquet floors INLAID
Little hitters' sport TEEBALL
Madonna's "La ___ Bonita" ISLA
Make amends ATONE
Military meal MESS
Mustang accelerator? SPUR
Name that Stanley yells in "A Streetcar Named Desire" STELLA
Olympian on a sled LUGER
Pink, as a steak RARE
Prefix for "freeze" ANTI
Prepare flour SIFT
Proof goof TYPO
Raisman in the 2016 Olympics' Final Five ALY
River by the Great Pyramid of Giza NILE
Self-assurance APLOMB
Short comedy sketch SKIT
Spray paint container CAN
Stick that may "summon" a rabbit MAGICWAND
Stir-fry tidbit SNOWPEA
Student, in Strasbourg ELEVE
Subversive groups that research challenging academic subjects? STEMCELLS
Tactic to prevent weapons treaty negotiations? SALTBLOCK
Take a nap REST
Terrible time? AGETWO
Time to close the books YEAREND
Wee whirlpool EDDY
Where pizza was invented NAPLES
Winter cap attachment EARLAP
Worried words IFEAR
WWI battle site SOMME
WWW address URL
Zipped along TORE
___-a-car RENT