Universal - Oct 31 2009

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Clues Answers
" ___ & the Family Stone" SLY
"And now, without further ___ ..." ADO
"East of ___" EDEN
"Ghostbusters" goo SLIME
"I've already been to that movie" SEENIT
"If I ___ Hammer" HADA
"Quiet, you!" SHUTIT
"There Will Be Blood" focus OIL
"This is Spinal ___" TAP
"To a Mouse" or "To a Skylark" ODE
"Turandot" highlight ARIA
"___ a problem" NOT
1,000 grams KILO
100 cents, abroad EURO
A certain king or queen, e.g. HEART
Agitate FOMENT
Assigned time SLOT
Baby newts EFTS
Backyard buildings SHEDS
Baltimore legend Ripken CAL
Beer belly GUT
Biblical pariah LEPER
Big hairstyle AFRO
Bing Crosby record label DECCA
Bitter conflict STRIFE
Broke a commandment STOLE
Browser button REFRESH
Buffalo-to-Syracuse dir. ENE
Candy heart inscription BEMINE
Car feature AIR
Castor or sesame OILSEED
Change machine insert ONE
Clark or Gibbs of country TERRI
Class leader TEACHER
Completed a lap? SAT
Cordwood units STERES
Crime boss CAPO
Cuckoo DAFT
Clues Answers
Department and river of France LOIRE
Descend, in mountaineering RAPPEL
Engineer's deg. MSE
Female gametes OVA
Final amt. TTL
Finish for "alp" or "can" INE
Furnished with a handle ANSATE
Grand ___ (wine bottle words) CRU
Had one's whey? ATE
It's followed by moviegoers PLOT
Jackie Robinson was one DODGER
Lease signer TENANT
Like the peace symbol VSHAPED
Madison or Pennsylvania AVENUE
Malibu or 'Vette CHEVY
Mason's assistant STREET
One's luck may be tested by it FLIPOFACOIN
One's luck may be tested by it ROLLOFTHEDICE
One's luck may be tested by it TURNOFACARD
Operation memento SCAR
Prefix with "meter" CENTI
Remove inhabitants UNPEOPLE
River through York OUSE
Scottish hillsides BRAES
Sis' sib BRO
Skiff tool OAR
Smart ___ (obnoxious ones) ALECKS
Stamp finish? EDE
Texas ballplayer RANGER
Tree trunk knot GNARL
Unescorted ALONE
United Nations agcy. ILO
White hat wearers CHEFS
Zagreb resident, e.g. CROATIAN
___-end (hit from behind) REAR
___-relief (sculpture style) BAS