New York Times - Nov 8 2019

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Clues Answers
'Just watch ...' LIKESO
2019 Chinese zodiac sign PIG
Absolut competitor SVEDKA
After-dinner amenity WETNAP
Basic part of a tool kit CLAWHAMMER
Charles Darwin contemporary ASAGRAY
Classic arcade game with an announcer who shouts 'Boomshakalaka!' NBAJAM
Comprehend GROK
Devil-may-care motto, in brief YOLO
Downs with gusto SWIGS
Engage in unabashed nerdiness GEEKOUT
Evidence of a couple's honeymoon phase, for short PDA
Extreme devotee, in modern lingo STAN
Film models are used in it CLAYMATION
Flooring selection OAK
Going places? JOHNS
Green spot OASIS
Ha-ha JOKE
Hairstyle that's cut short on the sides FLATTOP
Half-wit FATHEAD
Have something AIL
High times UPS
Hoedown musician's aid BANJOPICK
How a sofa might be turned for moving ONITSEND
Jointly ASONE
Learned types SAGES
Leftover REMNANT
L├ęgislateurs' votes OUIS
Like drone bees MALE
Literally, 'struggle' JIHAD
Matter of great interest for the United States DEBT
Miscellaneous part? SILENTC
Money left on the table TIPS
Clues Answers
More than cross IRATE
Obsolescent living room fixture PLASMATV
Old sailor's wear PEAJACKET
One playing things for laughs HAM
Org. targeted by Moms Demand Action NRA
Painfully slow GLACIAL
Personal affirmation YESIDO
Piteous sigh ALAS
Possible response to 'How long's it been?' AGES
Precisely found PINPOINTED
Producer of Eminem's 'The Eminem Show,' informally DRE
Provided an address ORATED
Rear-ended? MOONED
Restriction on mobile phone use DATACAP
Savory additive MSG
Shakes a finger at TSKTSKS
Shortcuts in computer coding MACROS
Soothing application ALOEGEL
Stainless steel element NICKEL
Start of a letter in the form of a rebus DEER
Still fresh RECENT
Student loan provider SALLIEMAE
Superstate in '1984' EURASIA
Symbol of rebirth SPRING
Take a pointer? DOGNAP
Take one's turn HAVEAGO
Technology that mimics nature BIONICS
Wearer of a lion's skin in an Aesop fable ASS
With no exceptions TOAMAN
Word repeated in the Dylan Thomas line '___ against the dying of the light' RAGE
Wrap up SWATHE
___ card ATM
___ moment AHA