Universal - Nov 7 2019

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Clues Answers
"Bad" cholesterol, for short LDL
"Cool!" NEATO
"Dennis the ___" MENACE
"Gemini Man" director ANGLEE
"Good lord!" EGAD
"Little birds" spread one RUMOR
"Making a Murderer" genre TRUECRIME
"___ were the days" THOSE
*"How dare you!" WELLINEVER
*Boston bowler's target CANDLEPIN
*Drink made with weeds DANDELIONWINE
*Geeking out in front of a celebrity, say STARSTRUCK
Accomplished DID
Airline to Israel ELAL
American in Canada, e.g., briefly EXPAT
Bay Area rap legend Mac ___ DRE
Browns, on scoreboards CLE
Car collector Jay LENO
Charity that hints at the starred answers' starts MAKEAWISH
Charlotte's message board WEB
Close at hand NEAR
Cod or Hatteras CAPE
Control, with "in" REIN
D-Day beach OMAHA
Dilbert's is askew TIE
Drainage system SEWER
Elementary school subj SCI
Favorite PET
Fraud watchdog org FTC
Gen ___ XER
Go ballistic ERUPT
Having a high pH BASIC
In the thick of AMIDST
It's a long story EPIC
Jim's colleague on "The Office" PAM
Keep away from SHUN
Key that can sometimes replace clicking ENTER
Last word of many books END
Locker-room feature ODOR
Clues Answers
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Marisa of "Spider-Man: Far From Home" TOMEI
McDonald's rival WENDYS
Microwave measures WATTS
Mopey music genre EMO
Mork's goodbye NANUNANU
Nada NIL
Neapolitan flavor VANILLA
Nolo contendere, for one PLEA
Occupied BUSY
Once known as NEE
One making a diagnosis before school DRMOM
One of five in "Hamlet" ACT
Opposite of ENE WSW
Passover repast SEDER
PC hookup LAN
Pick from a deck DRAW
Place trust in BANKON
Psychological mediator, per Freud EGO
Put in, as a link EMBED
Reef formation ATOLL
Remove roughly, as a page RIPOUT
Retirement plan letters IRA
Rooster's mate HEN
Roulette bet ODD
Running of the bulls site PAMPLONA
Seedy fruits FIGS
Shopping on Amazon, e.g ECOMMERCE
Subject of dress codes ATTIRE
Thorn in one's side BANE
Tooth cover ENAMEL
Trash bag brand GLAD
Video game character that runs on many consoles? SONIC
With it HIP
Word before an aha moment UNLESS
Yellowstone animal ELK
___ Enterprise USS
___ Taylor ANN