The Sun - Two Speed - Nov 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Accustomed to judge coming in hurt INJURED
Aid to navigation in semaphore MAP
Arms back, leg repositioned for hug SNUGGLE
Bathed in natural light SUNLIT
Be punished: mistake found in earnings record PAYSLIP
Black bird round a lake in rubber bag? BALLOON
Cash (informal) WONGA
Chart MAP
Coming or approach ADVENT
Crazy tulip ad gets commendation PLAUDIT
Cruise ship in winding Nile river LINER
Does it constitute mountain air? YODEL
Duke in a hole before Xmas ADVENT
Eastern politician bound to be exhausted EMPTIED
Escapade CAPER
Europeans concealing cuts in blackout ECLIPSE
Flexible wood YEW
Formal address ORATION
Gin and tonic mixed: nothing unrecognisable INCOGNITO
Glimmer from learner in poor game GLEAM
I spot a strange dialect PATOIS
Importune SOLICIT
Increase rapidly BALLOON
Insult unfortunately illuminated SUNLIT
Juicy raid excited judges JUDICIARY
Just right IDEAL
Justice system JUDICIARY
Clues Answers
Kidney-related RENAL
Legendary horned beast UNICORN
Money from law on gambling WONGA
Nuncio upset about king's mythical creature UNICORN
One sort of wood is perfect IDEAL
Overshadow ECLIPSE
Passenger vessel LINER
Perhaps learn about kidneys RENAL
Prank puts headwear on monarch CAPER
Regional speech PATOIS
Sheep – according to report – in tree YEW
Shine brightly GLEAM
Sing an Alpine melody YODEL
Skimpy garment THONG
Sleep zone so disturbed SNOOZE
Son in row over repeated test RESIT
Strap within length on girdle THONG
Strong praise PLAUDIT
Synagogue official RABBI
Take an exam again RESIT
Talk further about relationship ORATION
Teacher cutting chatter short RABBI
Thus allowed to make advances SOLICIT
Wage statement PAYSLIP
With identity concealed INCOGNITO