USA Today - Jan 4 2020

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Clues Answers
'August: ___ County' OSAGE
'Dennis the ___' MENACE
'Let me think about that . . .' HMM
'My feelings exactly!' AMEN
'Silly me!' DOH
Acting legend Meryl STREEP
Anglican denomination EPISCOPALCHURCH
Animation sheet hidden in 'Justice League' CEL
Bloodsucking beings VAMPIRES
Corny-sounding rank COLONEL
Costa del ___, Spain SOL
Dartboard wood ELM
Discipline with throws JUDO
Dish often filled and folded OMELET
Distorts, as data SKEWS
Dress-code subject ATTIRE
EMT's lifesaving technique CPR
Energy PEP
Enjoy some shrimp dumplings, say EAT
Entertain REGALE
Face blowing a kiss, e.g EMOJI
Fail to articulate SLUR
Folk singer Seeger PETE
Foul things up ERR
Fountain choice COLA
Game show host EMCEE
Garden hose problem LEAK
German camera brand LEICA
Gore-___ (fabric) TEX
Hid in the hand PALMED
In favor of PRO
Iran's former name PERSIA
Jeans brand LEVIS
Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy VEEP
Like a graveyard under fog EERIE
Longoria of 'Overboard' EVA
Male turkey TOM
Marathon division MILE
Clues Answers
Med. care provider HMO
Meeting where the Pope is elected PAPALCONCLAVE
Mix in a bowl STIR
Name that's a shorter version of Felix (in a sense) ELI
Norwegian Military Academy city OSLO
Not as much LESS
One-consonant instrument OBOE
Orange County city SANTAANA
Panelist, often EXPERT
Pentathlon blade EPEE
Person worth holding on to KEEPER
Pico de gallo ingredient ONION
Place to get a facial peel SPA
Place to get drinks on a train BARCAR
Plant holder POT
Primatologist's study APE
Prize for a good picture OSCAR
Promise-to-pay note IOU
Punch sound in comics KAPOW
Puts a hex on CURSES
Puts frosting on ICES
Rattlesnake's warning HISS
Red 'Sesame Street' puppet ELMO
Ring of water around a castle MOAT
Role in 'Popeye' or 'South Side' BLUTO
Run out EXPIRE
Shortest-named zodiac sign LEO
Show with booths EXPO
Six-pack units CANS
Stone of 'The Favourite' EMMA
String of prayer beads ROSARY
Stroll MOSEY
Tiny amount TRACE
TiVo forerunner VCR
Venues for some civil cases MUNICIPALCOURTS
View as DEEM
Weightlifting exercise PRESS
Yard sale caveat ASIS
___ Sauv CAB