USA Today - Jan 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Born in ___ L.A.' EAST
'Eww!' YUCK
'Kidding' star Judy GREER
'___ further review . . .' UPON
Acclimate ADAPT
Acronym in the names of a children's game and a classic TV show MASH
Actress Delevingne CARA
Anatomical ring AREOLA
Anti-leather org PETA
Awards show hosted by Underwood, McEntire and Parton in 2019 CMAS
Brunch order EGGS
Candidate's talking point ISSUE
Carne ___ ASADA
Celebrity chef Mehta NITA
Cleaning brand with a mythological name AJAX
Coffee shop offering STRAW
Coffee shop offering TEA
Convey SEND
December paycheck addition YEARENDBONUS
Dental professional HYGIENIST
Didn't tiptoe around STRODE
Direction opposite NNE SSW
Disney villain with hyena cronies SCAR
Edible seaweed, or a Tolkien dwarf NORI
Elongated swimmers EELS
Faux ___ PAS
Go off on RANTAT
Go viral, maybe TREND
Government org. monitoring 63-Down quality EPA
Grand heroic tale SAGA
Grown-ups ADULTS
Hindu teachers GURUS
Historical divisions ERAS
Home for most 54-Across OCEAN
Hot Girl Meg's genre RAP
Husband of Serena ALEXIS
Interlocking machine part COG
Clues Answers
Intersection point NODE
Invisible neccesity AIR
Invitation answer RSVP
Iron or steel, for example METAL
Item on a bucket list GOAL
Jamaican music style SKA
Like a record-breaking performance EPIC
Like some chocolate DARK
Like whiskey in barrels AGED
Locality AREA
Many a 'How to Get Away With Murder' character, profession-wise LAWYER
Marry hastily ELOPE
Munchies SNACKS
NHL team with a horned logo NEWJERSEYDEVILS
Nursery rhyme pocketful POSIES
Olympic swimmer Ledecky KATIE
Per person EACH
Playground fixture SEESAW
Proper ___ NOUN
Renewable energy option SOLAR
Result of adding TOTAL
Ripped TORE
Rn, in chemistry RADON
Romantic partner BEAU
Roofing sealant TAR
Seize, as a car REPO
Semester, e.g TERM
Slugger Pujols ALBERT
Snoozing site BED
Spirit-raising gathering SEANCE
Stick around STAY
The best of the best ELITE
Tin alloy PEWTER
Verb sometimes shortened by removing its vowels ARE
Warning flag color RED
Waterproof cover TARP
Went out with DATED
___ noche (tonight) ESTA