Wall Street Journal - Nov 7 2019 - The Troops

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Clues Answers
“Am not!” follow-up ARESO
“Camelot” composer LOEWE
“Dang it!” RATS
“I’m back!” HELLOAGAIN
“There Was ___” (James Brown song) ATIME
ABA member ATT
Act sullen MOPE
Airy prefix ATMO
Arboreal home NEST
Archaic oath EGAD
Auburn dye HENNA
Be tightfisted STINT
Brief acknowledgment NOD
Burn brightly BLAZE
Chicago’s ___ Center AON
Contents of un lago AGUA
Cut off SNIP
English for 1-Down LOVE
Farm portion ACRE
Finn’s creator TWAIN
Fix, as a bandage REWRAP
Food fights with butter? PATRIOTS
Forceful military attack PUSH
Gathers some audio evidence WEARSAWIRE
Ghost’s utterance BOO
Guwahati garment SARI
Hitching hope RIDE
Houston Cougars’ cheer? BEATRICE
Indian, e.g ASIAN
Joe’s 2008 running mate BARACK
Jr.’s exam PSAT
Jurist’s focus LAW
Large Inner Hebrides island SKYE
Latin for 2-Down AMOR
Leb. neighbor ISR
Leipzig’s Thomaskantor from 1723 to 1750 BACH
Letter abbr ENC
Like sashimi RAW
Clues Answers
Little hooter OWLET
Lounges about LOLLS
Measure of a quibbler’s output? NITRATE
Molar parts CUSPS
Notion IDEA
Oenophile, on occasion TASTER
Palliated EASED
Paper piece OPED
Paradisiacal places EDENS
Plan identified with 5-Down, for short ACA
Planets, to poets ORBS
Plenty ALOT
Precipitation that isn’t even slightly subtle? OVERTRAIN
Props for a comedy act about transportation history? SKITRAILS
Puts one’s feet up RESTS
Refrigerator bin CRISPER
Regard with disgust ABHOR
Rented LET
Say something SPEAKUP
Sci-fi cow’s secret weapon? TEATRAY
Shaggy apes, briefly ORANGS
Slapstick projectiles PIES
Slugger Sammy SOSA
Small Inner Hebrides island IONA
Star player ALLPRO
Subject of a miraculous parting REDSEA
Subject of interest AREA
Superior sort SNOB
Surprisingly active SPRY
Tavern array ALES
The same size ASBIG
Tightening muscle TENSOR
Unhelpful “Who’s there?” response ITISI
Unmoving INERT
Unpretentious EARTHY
Weightlessness, informally ZEROG
Without any unnecessary proliferation of verbiage TERSE
You might walk the dog with one YOYO
___ B’rith BNAI