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Clues Answers
$ dispenser ATM
'Do Ya' rock gp ELO
'Fancy that!' GEE
'Fee, fi, fo, —!' FUM
'Here, have a sample' TRYONE
'In — face!' YOUR
'New Jack City' actor ICET
'The Pleasure — Company' (Fred Astaire film) OFHIS
'When will — learn?!' IEVER
'Working Girl' actress Griffith MELANIE
'You are not!' rebuttal IAMSO
'Zine online EMAG
A ship's steerer has control of it THEHELM
Actor Byrnes EDD
Actor Chaney LON
Actor Gavin MACLEOD
Actress Hagen UTA
Apt to snoop NOSY
Arboreal marsupial OPOSSUM
Bacterium, e.g MICROBE
Bad rating, perhaps ONESTAR
Ballpark figure STAT
Ballpark figure ESTIMATE
Bench, e.g SEAT
Birds of a given region AVIFAUNA
Bond creator Fleming IAN
Brief hesitation to let words hang in the air PAUSEFOREFFECT
Brief moment SEC
Business school subj MKTG
Carta lead-in MAGNA
Cato's lang LAT
Certain choir voice TENOR
Certain choir voice ALTO
Certain food factory CANNERY
Christmas seasons YULES
Cinch — (Hefty brand) SAK
Counterparts of egos IDS
Designer McCartney STELLA
Device guiding a train off its track to avoid a collision DERAILER
Device on which you might see the first words of seven answers in this puzzle TELEVISIONREMOTE
Dog collar jinglers IDTAGS
Duelist Burr AARON
Dwayne who played Dobie Gillis HICKMAN
Ear or heart part AURICLE
Eerie sign OMEN
Emily Dickinson poem with the line 'Meek my Vive le roi' MUTETHYCORONATION
End in — (finish even) ADRAW
Eyelash cosmetics MASCARAS
Feel crummy AIL
Figure skater Midori — ITO
Functional again after an outage BACKUPANDRUNNING
Furry friend PET
Gas: Prefix AERI
German conjunction UND
Get 40 winks NAP
Get 40 winks SLEEP
Government bureaus AGENCIES
Greek letters before xis NUS
Green-light ASSENT
Groups of devotees FANDOMS
Guernsey's archipelago CHANNELISLANDS
Gusto ZEST
Guys who read gas or water gauges METERMEN
Henchman of Captain Hook SMEE
In season RIPE
Inedible kind of orange OSAGE
Intl. oil group OPEC
Clues Answers
Isolde's love TRISTAN
Journey TRIP
Just kills time IDLES
K thru 12 ELHI
Kimono tie SASH
Laryngitic HOARSE
Little big cat LIONCUB
Little whirlpool EDDY
Lordly home ESTATE
Loyal subject LIEGE
Make smaller MINIFY
Mel's Diner waitress FLO
Milan locale ITALY
Molson, e.g BEER
Mr. Capote, to his friends TRU
Munches on CHEWS
Musical key with two sharps: Abbr DMAJ
Napoleon exile site ELBA
Newspaper employee STAFFER
Nick Jr. girl DORA
Open space APERTURE
Outdated RCA product VCR
Paraphrase RESTATE
Pep rally cry RAH
Periodical datum indicating years VOLUMENUMBER
Phenomenon in hypnosis POWEROFSUGGESTION
Plant firmly EMBED
Possibilities OPTIONS
Pothole-filling stuff TAR
Put limits on RESTRICT
Queen, in Madrid REINA
Radiation units REMS
Rat- — (knock noise) ATAT
Really mean NASTY
Repeatedly OFTEN
Resulting in something CAUSAL
Reverse UNDO
Roundish OVAL
Ruler's land REALM
Sabbath observers, collectively JEWRY
Salty Greek cheese FETA
Samuel of justice ALITO
Singer Mars BRUNO
Skating leap LUTZ
Sports group TEAM
Sufficient, in dialect ENUF
Suffix with hobby IST
Summer hrs DST
Sun. homily SER
Sundial's '3' III
Symbol used twice after 'http:' FORWARDSLASH
Think aloud OPINE
Tinfoil maker ALCOA
Toon frames CELS
Unit of work ERG
Urban rec facility YMCA
Use as a surface for a meal EATON
Utah city PROVO
Wed. follower THUR
Whac- — (carnival game) AMOLE
Whiteboard wipers ERASERS
Writer Sarah — Jewett ORNE
Zaire's Mobutu — Seko SESE
— -mo SLO
— Diego SAN
— tai MAI